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Things to do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam. That will be my answer if you were to ask me where I want live someday. Ricky find it amusing because I always say it every time we visit a new country.  But there is something different about Amsterdam that really captures my heart and that’s what you will find out after reading this post!


We arrived early in the morning. The airport is connected to the train station which is convenient, just like Dubai. We head to Amsterdam Centraal station our tickets costs 14 Euros for us two. When at Centraal station we bought another ticket which is valid for 3 days worth  33 Euros ( for two) . We thought it’s reasonable enough to purchase since we will only be staying for 4 days. We’re also lucky to have a local friend who helped us along giving us directions. Oh man – the moment I stepped outside the terminal I felt like my system just had a major shock. It was cold like 9 degrees. The coldest in my life. I mean don’t get me wrong. I actually enjoy the fresh breeze but I can’t help but shiver. It’s such a novel thing for a Filipino like myself to experience that kind of weather. So the thought of me wearing  4 layered top with a baggy coat and boots on and thick socks – I feel like a robot, a cool robot.

Hashtag #effincold queuing for Anne Frank house #amsterdam #vscocam

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Where we stayed – Le Coin

It was around 8 when we arrived in the hotel. We’re supposed to check in at 2PM but the lovely receptionist offered us to drop our luggage. Le Coin is a small BnB with modern facilities located in the heart of the city. Our room was so nice with complete amenities and excellent floor heating. We even got free espresso! Shows how Dutch people really love their coffee.

We booked this hotel prior to our holiday through for 400 dirhams.

Indonesian restaurant

Did you know that Indonesia was colonised by the Dutch? No wonder Indonesian food is so big in the city. On our first day we went to Pelangi, couple of minutes walk from our hotel. We were served with different variety of dishes. Of course I have been to few Indonesian restaurants in Dubai but the one we had was new to me and it was amazing. It comes with deep fried vegetable spring rolls, chicken satay, noodles with peanut butter sauce on top, steamed vegetables, boiled eggs with spicy sauce, and beef with savoury sauce. We paid 50 Euros for the total bill including drinks.

So if you visit Amsterdam make sure to try some of the Indonesian restaurants around.


Indonesian food in Amsterdam

Van Gogh museum

One of the recommended place to visit. It is the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings.  Imagine seeing the Sunflower which is one of his famous work. We booked our tickets online (17 Euro) so we avoided the queues. The museum is huge. We were lucky because on our visit some of Edvard Munch’s works were being loaned in the museum. So we have the perfect experience to see the striking parallels of the two famous artists.


The Van Gogh museum #vangogh #amsterdam #vscocam #travel #findmeabreak

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Starry night over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh 1888 #vangogh #amsterdam #findmeabreak   A photo posted by Myla مايلا (@findmeabreak) on

Rijkmuseum Stroopwafels are my new favourite. Perfect with tea! FYI: If Van Gogh museum is huge then Rijkmuseum is humongous. You can actually spend whole day in this museum. There are so many things to see from art and history (the Middle Ages onwards, and some major aspects of European and Asian art).  The famous art that we have been looking forward to see is The Night Watch of Rembrandt 1642. It looks so real that I got goosebumps.

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The Night Watch by Rembrandt 1642 one of the most famous Dutch golden age paintings #amsterdam #rembrandt #art #vscocam   A photo posted by Myla مايلا (@findmeabreak) on

Anne Frank museum

This is one of the most visited museum in Amsterdam. We were not able to get tickets online because it was sold out so we decided to queue early at 8AM thankfully it only took us 30 mins to wait. The tour took an hour to finish. I was a bit emotional by the end of it. It makes you appreciate life more. This is my favourite quote of her.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy” – Anne Frank

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” Anne Frank (1929-1945) #annefrank #amsterdam #vscocam

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I know this is really simple but this banana pancake is I think one of the best pancake I’ve tried. I love Dutch pancakes!

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Bitterballen I can’t stop eating this savoury Dutch snack. Loads of amazing restaurants and shops in the area. Oh don’t forget to try Burger bar!

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Wynand Fockink
Ricky has been insisting to try this bar upon seeing people on the internet raving about as one of the must-visit places in Amsterdam. It didn’t disappoint. It was pretty chilly outside so a gin would be perfect to keep warm. Wynand Fockink is a tiny old bar dated from 1600. The staff gave me an apple flavored Jenever (gin) quite strong for me but tastes so good. I love the kick to it. Ricky had a coffee flavoured one which he find it really strong but actually enjoyed it.

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Vintage shops, second hand, art shop, hipster shops etc. I can spend most of my time just walking around the city exploring hidden gems.

The highlight of our travel… Getting lost and wandering around cool shops #Amsterdam #vscocam #vinyl #music

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This is one of the highlight of the trip. It was so nice of Tom our friend from Amsterdam who gave us a ticket for two. The boat will cruise around the canals while the driver shares us the story behind Amsterdam’s interesting places.

Canals everywhere #amsterdamcity #travel #cruise #vscocam #fujifilm

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Amsterdam, one of the most visited city in the world. The time we decided to spend our holiday in Europe, Amsterdam was the first thing that came in to our mind and we are glad! People are so warm, laid back and chilled.

You can read my experience in applying visa for the Netherlands here.


Such a magical place #findmeabreak #amsterdam #bicycles #canals #vscocam #travel

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Have you been to Amsterdam? Would love to hear your thoughts! xoxo


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