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Cebu Smile Magazine | Dubai Feature | The Desert Rose


My favorite article of Smile Magazine August issue is titled, ‘The Desert Rose written by Alex Ritman, a Dubai-based journalist. He amazingly put into words and generously shared all the impressive landmarks that first timers shouldn’t miss.

No one can argue that even myself still get awe and fascinated by the striking tower of Burj Khalifa. It never fails to fascinate visitors all the time. I’ve never been on the top myself, it’s not that I’m scared of heights but I prefer to be sitting somewhere near it just looking at it until my neck get sore.

Well I can now relate to his second recommendation, Aquaventure (waterpark). It was my first waterpark visit last December and god it was freezing. Of course being a sissy never occured to me on trying the Leap of Faith but it was so fun watching people dropped so fast and it feels like for a split second their soul was left behind. Aquaventure is located in the Atlantis Hotel on the far tip of The Palm, Jumeirah,

Largest mall of the world #dubaimall #dubai view from #kinokuniya

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One of my favourite mall in Dubai is of course The Dubai Mall. I call it ‘The Torturous Mall‘ due to its massive size and every time I went home after strolling I get body aches. Dubai Mall welcomes over 50 million visitors a year that’s why it is one of the top must see places in Dubai. It is very close to Burj Khalifa and the fountain. Endless varieties of shop and activities will surely make your visit a memorable one.

The Souk Madinat Jumeirah is close to Mina A’salam a great place to chill out and relax. If you’re a beach bum then this is your place. The view is just spectacular facing the great Burj Al Arab.


Ravi’s – Of course who would not know the oldest and famous restaurant in Dubai. You can read my post about Ravi here.

Lastly, Mr. Ritman haven’t forgotten The Creek, where all of the glitz and glamour have started. All the means of trade occured here fifty years ago before high towers and skyscrapers were built. Here’s my video from a short trip taking a traditional wooden boat across the water.

The Creek


So here you go I hope you find this post helpful. I’m glad to share this interesting new found article in Cebu Smile Magazine. The writer really knows well where to go and about in Dubai. I’ll be posting my personal idea on where to go in Dubai. Stay tuned! x

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