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Preparing for a months holiday

July is the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai this year. This time is quiet during the day. Shops will be closed and are open during Iftar time (sunset). People who are not participating in the fasting are not allowed to eat or drink in public places as a sign of respect.

Most people are also taking their holidays to get away from the scorching heat. I am one of them. In just a couple of hours I am off for a holiday!  I am going to the UK. I am going to see Scotland. I’m going to see Harry Potter.

So as a blogger I wanted to setup a travel list to record my trip. I might forget the rest but not the following:

1. GoPro

Since the day before that freaking monopod ever invented for the use of mobile phones I’ve been a GoPro fan.  This perfectly captures a wide screen view which makes it very interesting as a travel companion. [see my sample GoPro photos]

Unboxing GoPro

2. DSLR camera

It wouldn’t hurt bringing an extra camera with you especially if it’s a proper camera like DSLR. My trusty Canon 1000D has served me for 3 years now and I’m very happy with it.

DSLR camera

3. Mobile phone

Google, Google Maps, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter etc. No further explanations. My phone is my life.

4. Itinerary

We have been booking trips and hotels already so we are almost set. I am using Google Drive every time I make my own itinerary. For me it’s very easy and you can check your spreadsheet anywhere online. Will need to print a hard copy of this with the rest of the bookings online. (itinerary still in progress)


5. Passport with visa (of  course silly)

6. Baggage

I’m not an expert of packing light but I will try to practise The art of packing blog post from Noemi of Pinayflyinghigh.

How about you? How do you prepare/get excited about your holidays? xx

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