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I am Invinsible | SkyDive Dubai

Sky Dive Dubai Bucketlist

Call me mad. Yes I am! I still can’t believe I did it. Everything happened so fast and all I can remember is me landing on my foot shaking and feeling sick! Don’t worry it’s not as bad as you think. haha Just being overly dramatic.

So let me tell you the story of how it all started.

Skydiving was of course one of my bucket list. It is actually the first one I just remembered it on my list here. The plan was to do it before I leave the sandpit for good. But somehow, the universe has a funny way of giving us surprises.

One day my cousin Jefferson, who recently visited me got in touch with our uncle inviting him for a catch up, have a dinner or something. Then from there he asked if we fancy skydiving. We were like yeah that will be amazing we’d like to go but it would be out of budget. Then he was like I’ll take care of it. We were like WT*&(&7sOMG! 😛


Now fast forward to the next day. It was the morning of 29th December. How cool is that? Skydiving in a whim! We arrived before 8 in the morning at the SkyDive Desert campus area in Margham going towards Al Ain road. I just discovered there are 2 skydive sites. The one in the Palm and the desert one. Since we booked the day before the only available is the desert one which we are not bothered at all because it counts just the same, we are jumping out from the plane! Eeeek.


SkyDive Dubai

This is my new friend Tuks. He’s been skydiving for 15 years and is originally from Japan but has lived in New Zealand. Maybe out of nervousness I just kept asking them questions. We did tandem jump so we were together with Craig the videographer. They’re both really cool. Love their job!

Sky Dive Dubai Tandem

When on the plane I can feel my heart drumming. I got butterflies in my tummy. I thought am I really really doing this? Then I realise there’s no backing out. I can do this I said to myself.

One by one they jumped out. I saw Jefferson with his partner positioning themselves to jump then whoop they’re gone. End of story. I poop myself. haha


The three of us were the only ones left. My squad. The coolest tandem on that day. The plane needed to turn around for a bit. I swear that moment it was the longest 5 minutes of my life. I just want to jump! What’s taking it so long?



Then suddenly whooosh. We were out. My soul was ripped off for 5 seconds. Then I got my pace and it feels amazing. Never in my life I have felt so free and powerful. The wind blowing my face was so fresh and cool. When the parachute was on we were like suspended in the air looking at Dubai from the horizon. Beautiful sand dunes below us. Craig was already waiting for us in the landing area with his camera on. It lasted probably like 10 minutes. And that was it. One of the highlights of my 2015. Huge thank you to uncle Henry for the wonderful gift. A great moment indeed.

Sky Dive Dubai Bucketlist

Landed skydive desert

Bucket list crossed! xoxo



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