How to get an OEC for vacationing OFW’s | Philippine Consulate of Dubai

If you’re a Filipino working abroad you are considered as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) and with that you are entitled to contribute for OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration).

It is an agency that leads government agency tasked to protect and promote the welfare and well-being of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and their dependents.

Before I can leave Dubai I am required to obtain an OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate).

This is a mandatory certificate that you need to obtain every time you will go back home. It is a piece of receipt that has stamp and signature on it. If you have no time you can still process it in the Philippines but it is more costly.

This works like a visa in which you present it at the airport through Philippine Immigration so that they will let you leave the country without any further interrogation.

This will serve as a proof that you are a legitimate OFW and will permit you to exit Philippines. It will also exempt you from paying airport terminal fee and travel tax.

In order to get OEC you will need to go to the Philippine Consulate of Dubai. In my case, I took the metro to Union then transfer to green line bound to Etisalat and stopped at Al Qusais station (second to the last station).

Then I took a taxi and paid 10 dirhams for just a short trip. I strongly advice that you go there very early as in early. I got there at around quarter to seven and found people queuing already. They open at 8am.

After half an hour they let us in and one staff made a briefing about what the whole process is all about. Remember that they can only accommodate 250 persons per day. They gave us each our respective numbers and mine is 34.

If you’re a first timer or you haven’t paid anything since got abroad you will have to fill up 3 forms. That will be for Pag-ibig contribution (10 dirhams), OEC (10 dirhams) and OWWA (92 dirhams). The total amount will be 112 dirhams.

If you’re not a first timer then you only have to pay for OEC and Pag-ibig. OWWA contribution is valid for two years except if you have change an employer. I was told by the staff that every little changes made on your contract you are required to update and pay for OWWA.

35 Beirut St. Ext. No. 2
Al Qusais 3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
P.O. Box 94778
Tel. No. + 971 4 2207100
Fax No. + 971 4 2207800

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32 thoughts on “How to get an OEC for vacationing OFW’s | Philippine Consulate of Dubai”

      1. bakit sa Abu dhabi OWWA they process 300persons a day but matapos nila na wala pang 5pm tatangap parin sila until 5pm.
        ang tanong ko sino ba ang nagsasabi nang totoo Dubai OWWA or Abu Dhabi OWWA?

  1. I would like to know if required the original passport to apply for oec? And if the visa was cancelled already I can still apply to owwa. Please advice… Thank you….

  2. Hi, I would just like to know if you can get your OEC on the same day, or does it have to be couriered like affidavit. In my case, its a first time registration and the reason behind this is for proper documentation and soon to get my brother here. Kindly advice for the the time frame of processing pls. Thanks!

  3. Hi , I have heard that the pag ibig payment counter is no longer located inside POLO OWWA and they are not charging pagibig contributions anymore. Does it mean that I have to pay the pagibig contribution in the Phils for me to get back to UAE or we should pay it first here thru Al Ansari exchange ,Al gurair , etc, before going to Consulate to get an OEC,?
    Please advise coz I will be going to Phil Consulate tomorrow and I’m afraid that they will decline me coz I didnt pay the pagibig cont..
    Thanks a lot and God Bless….

  4. Hi findmeabreak, thanks for the info.
    additional question here, my wife and nanny are under my visa can i process there OEC? or do they have to be there physically?

  5. Is it possible to process my oec in poea satellite office in the Philippines instead? I went at the consulate last week but wasn’t able to get one. This is my first time to apply for oec. Thanks in advance.

  6. hello jst want to ask do i need to pay again an OEC just i came from vacation 2 months ago last January 13, 2014, and now i need to go again Philipippines for 15 days this coming April 02, so confused if i need to pay it again an OEC..

    Please advised..thank you

  7. Hi Ms. Myla,
    Is it possible for my BF to get my OEC as long as I gave him an authorization letter signed?

    I found your site very helpful :)

    1. Hello Joanna, I’m not sure but my friend used to ask her husband to process her OEC. They’re married so I think that’s the reason they’re allowed.

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