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How to apply UK visa from Dubai

Documents for UK Visa

Updated (July 2016)

I’ve recently been to the UK for a week to attend a wedding and since I’ve applied for a short noticed I have opt for a priority service. I paid for AED 1,300. It’s quite a lot of money compared to the standard one that costs 400 plus but it’s worth it if you’re in a rush. My passport arrived 4 days later through Aramex.




Five months ago just before the big holiday, we have spent time reading forums and blogs for people who shares their experiences on applying visit visa to UK coming from Dubai. A lady who wrote was denied thrice! That put me off a a bit but with the support from my partner, family, friends and a well done research everything fell in to place.

Please note that my case might be different from yours so I advice to check the appropriate department. I am only sharing based on my experience.

1. So after I finished gathering all the needed documents I went to to book an appointment on their website and paid USD 141.00 which is required to do online.

2. I received a confirmation booking for their office at Wafi Mall called VFS Global ( print the confirmation email).

3. When at the office: Paid 30 dirhams for the courier fee so they can send back my passport. Performed biometrics scan then submitted all my documents. They didn’t even do any interviews which is great.

4. Waited for 2 weeks and 4 days and got my passport delivered to my office and tadaaa.. I got my UK visa stamped on my passport good for 6 months validity (Multiple entry).

In my case I am lucky to get a sponsorship from the parents of my partner. They prepared a letter stating they will be my guarantor and that I will be staying in their place most of the time. We didn’t book any plane tickets or hotels but we included our itinerary/plans for the whole month. 

In my letter, I have particularly written my profile like what I do for living, how many years I have stayed in Dubai, that I love my job and no intent of looking for a job in the UK just plain holiday. I know it’s hard to be a Filipino sometimes ha!


  1. 1.       Letter of sponsorship
  2. 2.       Passport copy of my sponsors
  3. 3.       Statement of Account of my sponsors
  4. 4.       Six month pay slip of my sponsors
  5. 5.       Itinerary plans
  6. 6.       Passport
  7. 7.       Residence Visa Copy
  8. 8.       Emirates Identity Card
  9. 9.       Employment and Leave certificates showing the date I’m expected to return for work
  10. 10.   Statement of Account as proof of income
  11. 11.   Daily Budget
  12. 12.   Application form, duly dated and signed 

I hope this will be of help to anyone who are planning to visit UK coming from Dubai! Do you have any similar experience?

You can also read Pinayflyinghigh’s experience on her blog post here




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