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How to apply UK visa from Dubai

Documents for UK Visa

Updated (July 2016)

I’ve recently been to the UK for a week to attend a wedding and since I’ve applied for a short noticed I have opt for a priority service. I paid for AED 1,300. It’s quite a lot of money compared to the standard one that costs 400 plus but it’s worth it if you’re in a rush. My passport arrived 4 days later through Aramex.




Five months ago just before the big holiday, we have spent time reading forums and blogs for people who shares their experiences on applying visit visa to UK coming from Dubai. A lady who wrote was denied thrice! That put me off a a bit but with the support from my partner, family, friends and a well done research everything fell in to place.

Please note that my case might be different from yours so I advice to check the appropriate department. I am only sharing based on my experience.

1. So after I finished gathering all the needed documents I went to to book an appointment on their website and paid USD 141.00 which is required to do online.

2. I received a confirmation booking for their office at Wafi Mall called VFS Global ( print the confirmation email).

3. When at the office: Paid 30 dirhams for the courier fee so they can send back my passport. Performed biometrics scan then submitted all my documents. They didn’t even do any interviews which is great.

4. Waited for 2 weeks and 4 days and got my passport delivered to my office and tadaaa.. I got my UK visa stamped on my passport good for 6 months validity (Multiple entry).

In my case I am lucky to get a sponsorship from the parents of my partner. They prepared a letter stating they will be my guarantor and that I will be staying in their place most of the time. We didn’t book any plane tickets or hotels but we included our itinerary/plans for the whole month. 

In my letter, I have particularly written my profile like what I do for living, how many years I have stayed in Dubai, that I love my job and no intent of looking for a job in the UK just plain holiday. I know it’s hard to be a Filipino sometimes ha!


  1. 1.       Letter of sponsorship
  2. 2.       Passport copy of my sponsors
  3. 3.       Statement of Account of my sponsors
  4. 4.       Six month pay slip of my sponsors
  5. 5.       Itinerary plans
  6. 6.       Passport
  7. 7.       Residence Visa Copy
  8. 8.       Emirates Identity Card
  9. 9.       Employment and Leave certificates showing the date I’m expected to return for work
  10. 10.   Statement of Account as proof of income
  11. 11.   Daily Budget
  12. 12.   Application form, duly dated and signed 

I hope this will be of help to anyone who are planning to visit UK coming from Dubai! Do you have any similar experience?

You can also read Pinayflyinghigh’s experience on her blog post here




      • Hie Myla can i produce only payslips instead of bank statemement because i dont save my money in my bank account..m working in hotel industry and i wil b sponsoring myself i want to go for 2weeks for my sis graduation

        • Myla Laurel says

          It’s best you provide bank statement too. Remember they wanted to know if you’re capable to support yourself when visiting UK.

          • Hi myla, I jst got my passport n it’s been refused , sayin we hv reviewed ur application , plz reapply again ? Ders no reson ,can yu help me like what do I do next ?

          • Myla Laurel says

            Hi Biz, I’m sorry that they have rejected your application. They normally don’t provide reasons which I find really hard if one has been rejected. What documents did you submit?

          • Hi myla, firstly thanks sho much to get bak , secondly my hubby wuz actually playin around , last nyt wen he got home , I check d passport n yaaaasssss d sticker issss ON😀, ur blog is realyyyy help full, thanks a bunch , flyin on 18th of dis mth, n yes guys concluded mails actually means a yes 😀(fo me it wus a yes n d Mail wus without d reference number, jst GWF#.. God bless..

          • Myla Laurel says

            Hi Biz – glad it was approved! 🙂 Enjoy your trip!

          • Hi goodmorning poh, tanong lng poh if wlng sponsor sa UK tpos sa travels lng ako mgpapabook lahat lahat n including the hotel and tours package..just for plain holiday lng tlga few days ..necssary poh b nah kelngn tlga my sponsor k sa UK pra mkakuha k ng visa..
            thank you poh goc bless

      • Aijaz Manzoor says

        Hi Myla Laurel,
        Could you please assist me how to get UK Visit Visa for a couple ( I and My wife ) ,
        I am Indian ,
        working in UAE ( Resident Visa )
        Both partners working


        • Myla Laurel says

          Hi – I posted my experience for applying UK visa on this blog post. Other than that you can contact government or related agencies for support.

      • Myla Laurel says

        Not necessary I think as long as you have the residence visa and passport 😉

  1. Hi, I am applying for my Visa to UK as well. Did you address the documents to the British Consulate Dubai or British Embassy?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello! I didn’t address in such a way I just put “To whom it may concern”. I handed my documents personally to their office at Wafi Mall after receiving a confirmation for appointment on their website (see link on my post). 🙂 Good luck!

      • Lorence valido says

        I hav sponsor but My salary not more than1000dhs u think i can get visa ?

        • Myla Laurel says

          Sorry but you have to get a higher salary 5k up and it depends with your employer too 🙂

    • the SMS tracking its a a service provided by the service center to help you to know the status of your application but not the final result

  2. Thanks for the mention Myla. Appreciate it. I will put a link on this post too on my own blog post as some of the questions I get are about the visa applications with sponsorships. 🙂

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  4. Hey! Hi, I have applied for my Visa and I got a mail saying the document has been processed and will be sent to the visaapplication center and then they will get in touch with me? Did you receive any such mail? Could this mean that my Visa has been rejected? Wow! All the suspense is killing me!

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Amrita! Yes they normally send you an email confirmation that they have received your documents. They actually don’t inform you if it’s rejected, you will know once you receive your passport or documents.

  5. Hi, I just want to know the content of the email that you received that they will courier your passport. Did you received an email that you’re visa has been issued or you just stating that visa application has been concluded?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello it’s just stating the status like they have received the documents or it has been dispatched to be sent back…

      • Thanks for the reply. I am just confused coz I have a friend who applied last year and what she recieved was your visa has been issued and what I got was your application has been concluded.

  6. Geri says

    Hey there Myla! I’ve just came along on your blog and I found it very helpful (a massive thanks that you came up with that idea-well appreciated) cos I’m planning to apply one in the future. Hope I get one too! (Fingers crossed)

    • Myla Laurel says

      My pleasure! Worth sharing cos I can’t find posts like this on the internet 🙂 Good luck!

  7. Hi. I’m just wondering for at least 2 or 3 weeks stay in UK how much would be the specific bank statement is good enough to pass..and also i’m kind of worried coz my UAE residence visa will expire this July but planning to renew it, and our target travel date in UK is June. Would that be a big problem?

    • Myla Laurel says

      It depends if you’re staying with someone from the UK or if you’re getting a hotel. You need to consider and calculate expenses daily and add extra money for emergency. UK is a very expensive place to visit so it’s better to have more than what is the ideal budget for your travel.

      I’m not sure about the UAE visa expiration thing. Best to research or ask the right department on that matter.


  8. Great blog post, Myla! Very insightful and the details will help a lot. Just a quick question on the flight itinerary – does it have to be a confirmed e-ticket? If not, can you enlighten me please how you went about with yours? Shall I just screengrab a booking from say, British Airways? Or shall I get one from a travel agency?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Thanks! As per my post I didn’t book any plane tickets or hotels but we included our itinerary/plans for the whole month. Also bear in mind that I have a sponsor so my case might be different to yours. x

      • Nishak says

        Hi myla i just want to know is there any salary requirment level or bank balance level required to apply if i have a sponser in uk

  9. Charity says

    Hi Myla thanks for a very informative blog… Just like to ask if you have any idea if a 1 year old child need to have a visa also or I will pay the same amount. then my husband visa is expiring on July.. It will be possible for us to apply our UK visa.. were planning to have our trip on End of February.

  10. Nishak says

    Hi myla I want to know whats the salary requirment and bank balance i should show if i have a sponser from uk and im gonna stay with them so whats the bank balance and any salary limit is there? As u mention statement of account means bank statement or company salary certificate? Plss help me

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Nishak. Statement of account refers to your bank statement. I was sponsored so it makes application easier for me.

      • Nishak says

        Me to been sponsored dear my uncle and aunty they both are british passport holder so they are sponsoring me then what should be my bank balance?
        And do i need to show my payslip also? How many month bank statement do i need to show?
        And can i know how does a sponser letter should be? Pls need ur hlp

        • Myla Laurel says

          Since they’re related to you I don’t think that will be a problem. I have written it all from my post please read it through. 🙂

          • Nishak says

            Hi myla do i need to apply general visit visa or family visit visa if im applying family visit visa do i need to show family proof?

          • Nishak says

            Hi myla as u said n as i read ur coments before al clear but i just got a doubt about my uncle & aunty payalip & bank statement do i need to submit original or photocopy to the embassy ???

  11. Robert says

    Good Day,

    I am planning to viait my Bro in UK a year from now, and your blog is really helpful,… Thanks. 🙂

      • Liza says

        Hi, i just want to know if i need bank statement and payslip for atleast 6 months, if i have someone who will finance everything? Or sponsoring me like my partner?

        • Myla Laurel says

          Bank statement for 6 months is okay no need for payslips. Yes you still need to provide it 🙂

  12. Hi one lady working in my company she want go in uk with our boss family she have professional Administaration . but our company now changed bank account so we dont have 3 month or 6 month account detail in account have money but dont have statement 3 month hearly we have so can we apply uk visa for that lady her nationality is phillipines. please reply

    • Myla Laurel says

      Bank statement is what I believed to be the most important requirement for applying a UK visa.

  13. Hi
    Very helpful information….thnx for sharing.
    Wanted to know how many days it takes for stamping after submitting the passport??have to trave to other country as soon as i get my passport.

      • Manori says

        Hi Myla, was it 15 days after submitting at VFS is it? I submited mine last week 11th & only today I got the email confirmation. Wondering if they take 15 days from today? Do you have an idea?

        • Myla Laurel says

          Hello Manori

          I got mine after 17 days. I’m not sure maybe they have changed their process. What is the turnover time they have told you?

  14. Mabelle Solinap says

    hello Myla, the sponsors documents stated above that is relating to the person leaving in UK right? not actually the company we are working at here in Dubai? because I will ask for a sponsorship from the spouse of my friend who is a british national, is that how it works?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi! My sponsors are staying in the UK. They sent me documents to show as a requirement. I’m not sure but I think sponsors should be residing in the UK.

  15. Jess says

    Is it require the person who will sponsor is relative?or it is also possible a friend?
    How many months do I need to apply it if ever I will travel on sep?

    • Myla Laurel says

      It’s not necessary to be a relative to become a sponsor. Four months ahead is ideal for visa processing.

  16. Lourdes Pajarillo says

    Hello,,,,have a good day? Cn I ask I want to aply for tourist visa. But I don’t have any bank ducoment or payslip? But I have my Frend in UK to pay all and sponsor to me,and stay with them in UK? Cn possible I get visa?,,,thanks god bless

    • Myla Laurel says


      You still need to provide statement of accounts to prove that you can support yourself (emergency purposes) not only relying on your sponsor.

      • Mhay says

        Is it okay if i will just submit salary certificate? Or i will also give them the copy of my payslip? Thank you Ms. Myla

  17. Hi I am applying for UK visa for me and my parents. While I was going through the UK government website it said just 83GBP for each, and when I fill up the application and book appointment I have to pay about 451USD fro each. Not sure if this is the same one time fees of 83GBP or will they again charge me 83GBP after I have paid 451USD? I tried to call or email vfs to ask but no respond. Please let me know by your experience. Thanks kabayan.

    • Myla Laurel says


      It’s been a year since I’ve applied so they might have change their processes. My advise is to contact them directly.


    • Ch3lly says

      Same here I experienced now they will charge me 505 USD, I didn’t yet confirmed my appointment.

  18. janice says

    hi Myla,

    I already denied twice (last refusal is under 320 7a) and im still interested to re-apply. do you think they will gonna grant me?


  19. Nishak says

    Hi myla !
    I just want to know if i have a sponsor then how much should be my bank balance amount i should show??

  20. Ron says

    Hi Myla,
    Im planning to apply visa for UK,the letter of sponsor is this a normal letter from sponsor?or needed to be done by a lawyer?or letter and notarized?can you please guide me about this letter from sponsor.


    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Ron it’s just a normal letter along with the supporting documents of your sponsor

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Ron

      Just a normal letter along with your sponsors proof of identification

  21. Phauie says

    Hi Myla!!

    I found your blog informative. I also got a sponsorship from a family friend which holds a British passport. They’ve given me all the requirements at present (itinerary, bank cert, income tax return, & invitation letter). I do have one query. How long should u be working from your current employer to be able to get a visa? I just started with the new hospital last December 16, 2014 (my profession is a nurse by the way) and planning to visit on May 2015. i was previously employed with other company since my arrival here in UAE last January 2014.

    Thanks and regards,


    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Phauei

      I don’t think it matters if you’re new to the company or not because in my case I only worked for I think 5 months. So as long as you have the necessary proof that you can support yourself then I see no problem with that. 🙂

  22. Hi myla, just one query does all documents from your Uk sponsor be original or copies only will suffice? Thanks!

    • Myla Laurel says


      Mine are all original because my sponsor came to Dubai before I have applied for the visa. I think it would be alright to present a copy but it does makes a big difference if it’s original.

      • ej says

        Hi Ms Myla, I have another question. May i know what courier company was used by VFS to deliver back the passport to you? I have lost my contact number which i have written in the application form and courier service. Thanks in advance.

        • Myla Laurel says

          Hi EJ

          Our receptionist was the one who received it and she thinks it is from Skycom


  23. ALWIN JOSEPH says

    Hi Myla, You’re indeed doing a great help as there are lot of people like me having doubts regarding UK Visa applications.

    I am planning to visit UK with my family. My first cousin (my mother’s younger brother’s son) has invited us to visit them in the coming July. He is A British citizen. Do you you have any idea under which category I should apply – family or general visitor? His letter of invitation and his copy of British passport, would these documents suffice or any other documents required from them?



    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Alwin

      Apologies for the late reply. I’m not sure about this case but I think if you can provide a document that proves you and the sponsor are related then a family visa would be ideal.

  24. naz says

    Hi myla my name is naz, i would like to sponser my partner from dubai. But the thing is im regesterd fully disabled in uk will that have any effect on my partners case. Please reply. Need urgent help here. Many thanks, naz xx

    • Myla Laurel says

      Sorry Naz I can’t answer you I have no idea with this case.

  25. KP says

    Hi Myla,

    What was the total fee you paid for the tourist visa? I believe we have to pay a sum online and an additional fee at the VFS office? Could you please confirm?

    Also, did you get a single entry or long term visa?


    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi KP

      I paid USD 141.00 online for the processing. When at the office: Paid 30 dirhams for the courier fee. It’s multiple entry visa

  26. funmi says

    Hi myla so halppy to see dis my questions now is dat afterall my document is complete am I go to take it to their office my myslef after the appointment is book.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello Funmi

      Yes you need to book for appointment first then at the same time forward your documents.


  27. Shoaib Islam says

    Hi ,,

    Does the need any travel history ?? If u have any such information .. Plz reply thanks

    • Myla Laurel says

      I’m not sure but I don’t think you need to have travel history. As long as you can prove than you can support yourself

  28. Hi Myla, your blog is pretty impressive. I recently applied for UK Visa and paid AED 503.00. Then I set an appointment to VFS. I went there last May 19 and they collected AED 365.00. Is it proper? Kindly advise.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello Benjie

      Thanks for the nice feedback. May I ask what the AED 365 is for? Aside from paying USD 141 online – I only paid 30 dirhams in VFS office and that’s for the courier.

  29. MJ Ilarde says

    Hello is plane ticket a requirement for applying a visa too??

    • Myla Laurel says

      I didn’t have any plane ticket when I applied so it really depends in your case

  30. chandra says

    Hi Myla,

    i had applied for the tourist visa and stated there that my family and childrens also travelling with me. but i had filled one application only. do i need to fill different application form for my family and child?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello yes I think you need to fill up an individual form for each

  31. Coco says


    I just wanted to ask, If lets say I apply for a standard tourist visa and stated that I will only be staying for 10 days but given 6 months tourist visa. Does that mean I can stay for 6 months?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Coco

      Yes you can but remember if you have stated that you will be staying for 10 days – that will be put on their records and the next time you apply you will more likely to get rejected. So be careful.

  32. Deepa says

    Hi Myla,
    I followed your advice regarding the supporting docs and I am glad to say that we got the multi entry UK visa valid for six months. I had to fill up separate applications for each member of my family and paid 133 dollars for each application. At the VFS centre, we had to pay Aed 40/- each for courier delivery. It took a total of eleven days to get the visa stamped and couriered back. Thank you Myla

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Deepa

      Glad to be able to help you. Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it. 🙂

  33. Balak ko kasi pumunta ng london para mamasyal. Ok lang ba kung ang sponsor ko ay kumare ng mama ko. Tapos lahat ba ng gastos kelangan ung sponsor ko or ako dapat?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Anyone can sponsor you as long as you have strong supporting documents to provide. You will likely to be approved if you also have enough savings on your bank account 🙂

  34. Wajid says

    Hi, I have got the email as well as the SMS confirmation. how long will it take the courier service to deliver my passport?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello. I have waited for 2 weeks and 4 days for my passport to be delivered.

  35. catchjazz says

    hi myla, really happy to see ur post, my case is exactly like urs and i have provided all the related docs like urs. Myla the only concern is I have given my date of travel as 25th July and my submission to vfs was on 7th July… Is that a problem.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello! Thanks. As what I have known it should be 3 months before your flight but not sure maybe they changed it. Good luck though! 🙂

  36. Reiya says

    hi myla, i need your advice. how much should be needed in my bank acct if i go in uk tru spinsor?
    do you have any idea?


    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello most probably 5k salary or more will be ideal to get a visa. Bank account will depend if you stay longer then you’ll have to have bigger savings 🙂

  37. Yeisha says

    HI Myla,

    Just like to ask what is the daily budget means? Is this the budget for the trip?

    Thank you.

  38. Lorence valido says

    I hav sponsor but My salary not more than1000dhs u think i can get visa ?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Lorence

      As long as you can provide supporting documents that your sponsor can look after you for the duration of your stay.

  39. zahida says

    Hello Myla, and thank you for all the help and information posted here, my uae residence visa expires in Dec , and i wish to travel to UK in August, is there going to be any issue ? is there a Visa limitation set for 6 Months validity for uae residence visa by Uk embassy ? thanks for your earliest response.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Zahida

      Your passport should be more than six months valid just to be safe 🙂

      • My uae visa is expiring after 8 it possible to apply for uk visa now? many months validity of uae visa required after 6 months of uk visa..

  40. Kristine Blaze Emborgo says

    Hi Myla I really appreciate the thoughts you’ve shared as it helps a lot to anybody 🙂

    Anyway just want to clarify on the photo requirements, have you taken photo from the visa centre in Wafi Mall itself or you have done it prior to your appointment in submitting your documents? Also may I know exactly how many photograph is required?

    Would be glad to hear your response soonest 🙂

    Thank you so much & cheers!

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Kristine

      Thanks for the lovely message. I brought my photos with me. Just make sure to bring extra like maybe 3 or 4 recent passport size. 🙂

      • Kristine Blaze Emborgo says

        Thank you for your quick response Myla..Yup so how many is required aside from the extra photos?

        Also just want to add, if the Bank Statement should really be the statement of the bank where your Salary gets transferred or can I use my other savings account? Currently my salary is transferred to HSBC bank UAE however I plan to use my BPI bank account in Philippines as I used to withdraw most of my money from HSBC while I used to deposit my savings to my BPI account. Really need your advice on this 🙂

        • Better you provide both statement , your saving to proof that you are able to support your stay and your statement from the bank where your salary goes to show that you have stable salary here and you are really working in UAE

          • Kristine Blaze Emborgo says

            Hi Ahmad!

            Thank you for your advice. Shall consider it 🙂

  41. Kat says

    Thanks for this! I have question though. Should the UAE residence visa be valid for 6 months?

  42. MIZRAAB says


    • Myla Laurel says

      Concluded means the checking has been made and your passport will be sent back to you 🙂

  43. maria says

    Hi please anyone can guide me about uk visa i have one training in uk i will attend that one what will be the type of application form and what can be the possible requirements please do reply or please send me the contact number to get the info related to that

  44. kate says

    Hi Myla,

    I am invited to come to London for a company training, and my husband would like to accompany me on my visit (2 weeks). They will provide me a visa invitation letter/sponsorship letter, but my husband might not be possible because he is not a guest or not working on the same company. Do you think he can apply for a UK visit/tourist visa without a sponsor? or where will he request visa invitation letter?


    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Kate

      The best thing I think to do is for you to get an invitation letter too. 🙂

  45. Karen Joy says

    Hi Myla,

    I have a friend in UK and he wants to sponsor my visit there, can you help me about the processing?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Karen

      Are you coming from Dubai? Do you have enough savings for your visit? How long is your stay?

  46. niraj says

    hi i heard that we need to have some minimum monthly salary to travel .can you tell me what is the salary bracket that they are looking for and also in the bank statement do we need to save any amount to apply for the visa??

    • Myla Laurel says

      Most probably ideal salary would be 5k up per month. Yes you need to have enough savings to support your travel. You need to estimate how many days your visit will be and all the costs.

  47. Huthaifa Diab says

    Hi Myla, i have received an E-Mail today that says “Your Visa application has been concluded.” Any idea what does that mean? The suspense is killing me. Thanks.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello it actually means your application has been decided and your passport will be ready for collection or delivery. Good luck! 🙂

    • Huthaifa Diab hi, did yu get ur visa ? Plz update cuz I got d same email jst today ..!

  48. Myla my dear! My Aunt was a Filipino and already a UK citizen for the past 40 years now! She hesitated me to visit her and my cousins.

    Supposed if I planned to go visit them meaning my Aunt and her husband entitled to be my sponsor?

    If that is so, what letter do I have to tell them to write and address to whom or it was the UK officials are the ones going to ask them what documents they need to prepare?

    Another thing, I do have Emirates NBD and the online SOA would be enough to present as my bank statements?

    Need help!. Thanks.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Phillip

      Your aunt should be fine to be your sponsor. Please read my post as it is similar to your case. 🙂

  49. Hi am funmi my question is I want to go for my bro graduation this year what are the requirements needed thank will be happy to see ur respons

    • janica says

      hello friend Myla, how about if my salary is 2200dhr and my salary is direct in uae exchang, but have only 6000 in my Bpi account. can i avail a uk visa? or france visa? and can they accept the BPI statement? thanks and i need ur reply…

  50. Neil says

    Hi Myla,

    What if i’m travelling via holiday tours packages with my wife, so no sponsors needed, what are the requirements? I,m working in a government company with a salary of 25k+ so i guess salary and bank statement will suffice?


    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Neil

      The most important thing is to provide documents that will allow them to think that you are capable of supporting yourself while visiting UK. So bank statement and salary cert are two important requirements.

      • Hi myla plz can yu help , I hv heard dah wen d email confirmation cums with out d reference # it is believed dah d visa is rejected ? Yea ? Omg I hv got d email with GWF#.. Plz do reply

        • Myla Laurel says

          Hi – sorry I don’t know about that. I think the only way to know is to wait for your passport.

  51. Abrar Ejaz says

    hi .. i am from pakistan still working in UAE i want visit visa uk for 2 months please tell me what can i do for visit visa uk thank you

  52. Arnel says

    hi.. my company is planning to send me to UK for a new system training. should I have to apply my visa on my own or should it be my company? do you think I can get one?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Arnel

      I think it’s better that your company will sort your visa for you

  53. Ms. Myla,

    Yung documents ba ng sponsor ko need original or ok lang yung scan copy ang e submit ko sa UK embassy? Thanks po

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Lorelie

      Ok lng kung copy pro iyong documents na submit ko is original 🙂

  54. jennifer says

    Hi Ms Myla,
    is it okay if your sponsor is not your relative? My sponsor is not my relative they are just my friend and they are willing to send me the documents that i needed. Do i have to show them a bank statement even my sponsor will guarantee that they will take charge for everything? Im having a problem because our salary is cash on hand. I dont have any bank accounts.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Jennifer

      I advise you to have a bank account. It’s one of the important requirement for getting a UK visa.

  55. Bianca Obrique says

    Hi Myla! Great post and very helpful. Just a few carifications though. Aside from the invitation letter from your sponsor, you mentioned that you also submitted a personal letter about your profile, right? Did you mention that you haven’t purchased your tickets yet or you just stated your iterinary? I’ll be visiting my Uncle and cousins for the holidays. Looking forward to hear from you. Cheers! 😉

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Bianca

      Yes, I also made a personal letter stating what I do in Dubai, my reason for travelling etc. I did mentioned it on my letter that I didn’t purchase my tickets yet. 🙂

  56. grace says

    Hi Myla,
    Thank you for sharing your experience on UK visa. I would just like to ask if I can possibly be granted as well if I apply for it.

    I have a brother and his family working and living there for almost 10years now. I am here presently working in Dubai and with less salary. I have save in the bank but not even reaching 1k US dollar. Do you think it would be a problem?.

    And is it necessary to have a letter from the conmpany giving consent for that travel even for just 2 weeks?..

    thank you so much..

    Waiting for your reply soon.


    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Grace

      The most important thing for them to consider is the money you have on your account and salary usually would be more than 5000 dirhams.

  57. roshan says

    I and my family likes to visit UK for four days trip. My salary is 3000dhs,is it a problem for the visa issuing.

  58. hi, ask ko lang po yung sister ko nasa uk british citizen na po, gusto nya kmi magvisit, pano po ba un 6 mons bank statement po ng husband ko or statement of accout is fine…sila nman po lhat ang gagstos..thanks

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello, kung sila ang gagastos then try to provide as much as possible proof na they are able to fully support you like statement of acct din ng sponsor ninyo.

      • thanks ms. myla, they can provide that:), 3mons bank statement for both of us is fine? or diff bank statement like one for my husband and one for me…by the way am also husbands visa but working do i need docs from my employer…to much questions sorry…

  59. Sandeep says

    hi , is there any possibility to get easily UK visa for Investor Visa of UAE ? can any one clarify this for me Plz,

  60. Thank you so much for this post i referred to it constantly and have now submitted everything. Now to wait *Fingers crossed*

  61. Sijo says

    Dear Myla,
    Hope you are doing well. I am working in UAE and I want to got to UK and find a good job, so could you please let me know the procedures? it would be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi – sorry I can’t help you with that. I’m only sharing my experience on applying a tourist/visit visa on this blog post

  62. Leorenz says

    Hi, hope you are still active and hoping youll reply. Ill be applying for my visa soon, i am under husbands visa, my husband is british and we are currently living here in the UAE, shall i still ask for letter of sponsorship and bank account from his family in the UK? or my husband being british would suffice and i can just apply the family visa without his family letter, etc.?


    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello – I haven’t done that. I did the sponsorship from my fiance’s family and worked well.

  63. kate says

    hi My! since you mention that there is a big chance that uk visa will be approved if salary is 5k and above, in my case I only have 3,700 but I have a sister there whose willing for spend for my stay, food and etc….do you think I have a a chance?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello – just mention on your letter that your sister will be supporting you throughout and with enough savings on the bank to support most of your trip then there shouldn’t be a problem

  64. kristina says

    hi. so we’re planning to go to london in November and will apply for a uk visa. do you have any idea if they will require a Schengen visa as well if we will go to paris for a day or two?

    thank you

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello – yes you need a separate visa (Shengen) for France and UK visa for London.

  65. Nithin says

    Hi mayla,
    Can you give me the format of sponsership letter and contents needed to be filled in the same

  66. Kaycee says

    HI Myla i hope u can help me as well im planning to visit in UK by january i don’t have any idea and when i see your post it’s seems like same as i can do…sponsor ko po is ang mother ng fiance ko i have 10k+ on my NBD bank it’s my savings 8 months na hnd ko ginagastos…but my monthly salary 3k lang…do u think okay un para sa 6 Month bank statement ko..thank u waiting your reply 🙂

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hi Kaycee – it depends on the duration of your stay. You need to estimate the whole cost of your visit then breakdown list of your expenses like food, accommodation and transport. For your case I think 1 week is enough with that budget.

  67. Khushi says

    My mom is on 3 months tourist visa in dubai, i want ro invite her to UK. Can she apply for UK visa from Dubai?

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello – I’m not sure about having a tourist visa in Dubai applying for a UK Visa. I applied as a residence in UAE. You might need to check with the immigration.

  68. Gen says

    Hi! Did you submit the original sponsorship letter (with original signature) or a scanned copy was fine?

  69. Shari says

    First of all I would like to thank this blog for being a help and guidance towards my preparation for the visa process. I kept checking on the blog, comments and everything just in case I left any detail that just might add to my possibility of visa approval. I followed almost everything on here and tada! I got my visa.
    So for a 2018 update, I’ll share my experience.
    I am a first time applicant, from the Philippines and the only other country I’ve traveled to is Armenia. Earning AED3500 a month from my company and have kept around AED15,000 in my bank account during the application.

    Prepared the following documents:
    Original Passport
    Passport and UAE Residence Visa copy
    6mos payslip (stamped)
    6mos bank statement (stamped)
    Employment letter stating my employment date, position, salary, and approved leave dates.
    Itinerary for the whole month
    Sponsor Invitation Letter
    Sponsor 6mos bank statement
    Sponsor 6mos payslip
    Sponsor Tenancy Contract

    Did the online application and paid $125. And set my appointment date to Feb11.
    Arrived at the VFS Global in Wafi Mall Dubai 40 minutes before appointed time and was allowed to enter by the guard, he then checks my bag.
    Receptionist checks for appointment, leads to designated room for the visa centre.
    Wait for number to be called, agent first asks to go for either standard process (which takes about 15days) or express processing. Then goes over the documents presented and ticks the checklist provided from online application. Pay for AED136.50 for vfs service and courier option. Will then be asked to sit and wait for number to be called again for biometrics. Then process is done.
    I got an SMS stating it has been forwarded to Aramex on Feb 21 around 4 in the afternoon, next day it got delivered to my office with the Visa stamp! Yey! UK here I come!

    • Bethany says

      Hi Shari,
      Just a question regarding these details below if you submitted the original one’s or copy is enough upon submission @ the VFS global?

      Sponsor Invitation Letter
      Sponsor 6mos bank statement
      Sponsor 6mos payslip
      Sponsor Tenancy Contract

      Also please advise if you did the scanning by yourself?
      actually i was trying to check where i can find that option but i am not able to find.

      Hope to hear from you soon:)

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