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From The Emirate of Sharjah to Dubai

My second day in UAE is fun and a memorable one.

Sharjah isn’t too bad. I find it very clean and peaceful .It has a vast area with big road highways . Buildings standing tall – most are residential areas mixed with offices. Shops are located on every bulilding and all the signs are written in English and Arabic. People living in Sharjah are in mixed nationality including Fililpinos. This gives me a sense of security and comfort knowing I can ask my compatriots for assistance.

It’s amazing to know that Filipino uses “kabayan” to address a compatriot, like a term used ages ago as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). Well it will be so weird to use that when you’re in Philippines. I remembered taking a metro and someone asked: “Kabayan?” I was surprised at the expression and term. Maybe because I am a Cebuano – not used to Tagalog dialect.

My cousin Richan who is residing in Dubai convinced me to stay with her for a while as I search for a job. She explained that Sharjah is like a province type of place and the culture practice is based in Saudi Arabia. Without any hesitation my brother agreed on my decision to work in Dubai. He is very supportive in all my decisions and I’m thankful for that.
As we headed to Dubai, my cousin noticed that we are passing unfamiliar way however I dont have any idea that we took the opposite side of the road. Considering my cousin who just received her new license so we anticipate the experience but I enjoyed it. We drove for nearly two hours and somehow managed to finally see some progress we suddenly got bumped by another car and was caught up with a minor accident.

So what’s the next step? Again we waited for another hour in addition to our misadventure. I felt exasperated that time that I badly needed a toilet and trust me it was not fun at all getting stuck up in the middle of the road seeing cars passed through us and staring at us.

A traffic officer responded an hour later. My cousin explaining her heart out to what had happened. An Indian guy bumped our side as we pass the round about near Al Quoz to where we are dropping Michael (Richan’s brother). After a long investigation the Indian guy was given a penalty and was issued to pay for the damage.

Bright sky scrapers welcomed me as we drove to Dubai Marina.

We finally overcome all the obstacles. “Its better than late than never” is our motto on that day.

Al Quoz Traffic

Dubai Sky Scrapers

Dubai Marina Yacht at Night

Ladies in Dubai

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