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Culloden Battlefield in Scotland

The battle of Culloden

What would you feel if you happen to be standing in a field where more than 500 people died? Creepy isn’t it?

Our second trip in Scotland was visiting the famous Culloden Battlefield. Located in the east of Inverness (Google Maps). A place where the last battle in British soil took place on 16 April 1746.

We paid for around 50 dirhams each as entrance fee and the staff gave us GPS headset.

As we walk along to the field, the GPS recognised our location and began talking giving us instructions to where we need to head then tells us detailed stories about the battle. Very fancy!

The Battle of Culloden began when the Jacobite rebel army fought to reclaim the throne of Britain from the Hanoverians for a Stuart king. The British army was equally determined to stop this happening. It was marked as the fall of the Jacobite armies.

Around 1,500-2,000 were killed within an hour.

Stones are engraved with the name of the clans who died on the area. They also have a museum showing objects they found after the battle.



GPS at Culloden

Culloden Battlefield GPS

Culloden museum


Fighters Buried



objects left from the battle

weapons battle of Culloden

Colluden Scotland

Wild Raspberry



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