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Chocolate Hills And The Smallest Monkey in Bohol

25th of February 2011, 10:00pm – we were all gathered in Pier uno, Cebu City for our small weekend trip to Bohol.

Too bad, we waited for like 1 hour and a half for the departure of our small slow craft boat. Whew! I guess we were meant to get tired before we get to Bohol.

Well, everything goes fine as we sailed for almost 5 hours adrift to the sea of – i dont know what its called anyway, as we finally stopped we were having this plan to take note of which foot first stepped on the surface of Bohol, mine is the right. hehe


Its like late 4am dawn as we wander around the port heading to the city to finding somewhere to rest and to take a shower until we end up in a tapsilogan station. We waited for the van to pick us up. It was around 7am where we finally settled on our hired van.

panglao beach resort

Taken from the beach resort of Panglao, Bohol. Early in the morning we rush to the resort not to get soaked out in the beach but to make use of their shower area.

Since we dont have any place to stay around the city we dont want to start the day without proper hygiene. hehe  So we took a shower for us to start the day fresh. hmmm what a nice feeling!

panglao bohol

The shower area where we pay for P15.00

panglao sea shore

Sunrise at Panglao, Bohol

bohol bee farm

First stopped, we were in Bee Farm, located in Panglao island, Bohol.

A sanctuary for organic farming and also a resort for local and foreign visitors.

farm productsEncouraging the staff at Bohol Bee Farm to do livelihood activities and by doing supporting organic farm products.


They offered various products 100% natural with no preservatives. From bread to spreads.

blood compact

taken from the place where blood compact occured when they built a settlement on stilts in the strait between mainland Bohol and the island of Panglao.

bohol tarsiers



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