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Cawdor Castle in Scotland has evolved over 600 years

Cowder Castle

Main Entrance to the castle

Scottish Cow

Cute Highland Cattles


Garden of Cawder

Cawdor Castle Garden

Garden Cawdor Inverness

Garden Cawdor Inverness

Cowder Coffee Shop

Lovely coffee shop

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Flowers Scotland

Sculptured Garden


The first castle that I have visited in Scotland was the Cawdor Castle – located ten miles east of Inverness. It was believed that the castle is somewhat connected to William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The earliest documented date for the castle is 1454 with several times of expansion.

I was pretty chuffed with the thought of visiting a real castle. I used to only see it in films but having to experience it in real life is magical. We got a bit lost finding it at first but when we arrived we were greeted by the cute Highland cattles!

We paid ten pounds each for entrance fee. The place has a huge parking area and you’ll have to walk a couple of minutes until you reach the castle.

There are no tour guides but as soon as we enter the castle we were directed to where we need to go first. There will be a path and note to follow and information boards in every room. There is something eerie inside it especially when we went to the rooms. We were told not to take photos as this will affect the preservation of the antique keepsakes. The smell of the place is new to me. Although I can distinguish it as an old wooden smell. We saw this very large tapestry which is dated from 1600s – boy it gave me goosebumps! The Cawdor’s badge and motto is also engraved in the wall that says “Be mindful”.

Cawdor castle is famous for its massive gardens. The manicured gardens are such a feast in the eyes. Unfortunately we haven’t got the chance to see The Maze since it was close for grass cutting. I was absolutely impressed on how the owners were able keep and preserved the place with care. I am currently watching the series “Reign” and am really hooked up with it so that made me feel inspired to look back and share my awesome time in Scotland. Stay tuned for my next UK series! x


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