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Things I miss about Scotland

Have you been somewhere so beautiful that it left you with magical memories? I had! Two years ago, for the first time I’ve visited Scotland and it was the most wonderful experience that the photos I’ve taken doesn’t do justice. I was scrolling old files and found some old pictures that gave me the feels. So here are some of my favourite …

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Culloden Battlefield in Scotland

What would you feel if you happen to be standing in a field where more than 500 people died? Creepy isn’t it? Our second trip in Scotland was visiting the famous Culloden Battlefield. Located in the east of Inverness (Google Maps). A place where the last battle in British soil took place on 16 April …

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Clava Cairns | Scotland

Our first day in Scotland: We drove to the east of Inverness to visit the prehistoric monument called Clava Cairns, a well-preserved Bronze Age cemetery (Google Maps). It consists of three burial cairns enclosed by stone circles. The cairns were built about 4,000 years ago. Imagine 4,000 years ago!? Amazing how they have preserved such old monument. The …

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