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Food Photography

Beard Papa’s Cream Puff is now in Dubai Mall

I have always been a fan of puffs and what a delight to know that Beard Papa is now in Dubai Mall! For only 9 dirhams you’ll get one regular puff with cream filling. I like  it’s texture and has the right sweetness. Beard Papa is an international Japanese chain recognized for it’s ‘Fresh and natural …

Photography Travel

The stunning art galleries in DIFC | Dubai

Anything that is considered Art is becoming very popular in Dubai. You might noticed that several coffee shops and restaurants are creating eye-catching interior designs. Some are offering art materials which customers can engage and participate in groups teaching them how to make any sort of crafts. Others provide free activities in creating magazine designs, …

Food Travel

Seafood in a Bucket | Karama

“What’s the hype all about?” I asked myself when my former colleagues keeps on asking me about this place in Karama called “Seafood in a Bucket“. They said “Myla.. It’s the new talk of the town and it’s close to where you live!”  So funny that it was later on when I discovered about the place. It …

Photography Travel

My favourite Beach in Dubai | JBR

I’m probably the only one who is wishing for summer to come in Dubai. Well of course not the peak of the summer. I mean the not-too -hot-and-not-too-cold part where there’s still a bit of breeze and me out lying in the sand, smelling the ocean and rubbing my feet on the sand. That’s the …

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