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Seafood in a Bucket | Karama

“What’s the hype all about?” I asked myself when my former colleagues keeps on asking me about this place in Karama called “Seafood in a Bucket“. They said “Myla.. It’s the new talk of the town and it’s close to where you live!”  So funny that it was later on when I discovered about the place. It …

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MOre Cafe | Mall of the Emirates

I am one lucky girl to win Pear Tree Diaries‘ contest courtesy of mOre Cafe. It was a great experience to visit mOre again – one of my favourite restaurants in Dubai. mOre Cafe is a Dubai born brand that has successfully established itself among the top cafes here. For twelve years they have continued to expand throughout …


Al Reef Lebanese Bakery

I’ve realized that my appetite for bread have grown increasingly the longer I stayed in Dubai which is good for me of course. I wanted to gain weight – so bread is a friend. Cheese manakish of Al Reef Lebanese Bakery, is for me the best cheese bread ever! It is a white Arabic bread …

Food Travel

Singapore Deli in Karama

After a long day of work we have decided to visit an old fave restaurant. In the buzzing place of Karama sits Singapore Deli that serves Asian dishes mainly, Indonesian and Malaysian.  For starters we had Fried Tempe (Tofu). This was served hot with an amazing super spicy dip.  We considered ordering Sambal Tempe but decided …

Food Travel

Yalla Momos in Karama

After blogging so much about shops in Karama you probably are convinced that this place is a haven for foodies. So here’s a another treat for all the Dubaian’s out there. Let me share to you this very cute Al fresco dining place of Yalla Momos. We have been a happy customer since they have …

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