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Where to bring your pet for a break from Dubai

cute pekignese in dubai

Did you know that there’s a place in the UAE where you can bring your adorable furry pets for a holiday?

In such a busy city such as Dubai we tend to forget our priorities which is to give our cuddly little dogs some quality time. For some we often leave them in the house.  That’s why it is amazing to know that there’s a resort that allows pet inside the room.

A month ago we went to Barracuda Beach Resort which I made my first post about Where to find cheap booze in Dubai

The place is so quiet and peaceful. The room is basic but it has all the things that we needed like boiling pot, coffee, tea, mugs, fridge, TV and etc. Mind you it is for me the most relaxing place to visit in the UAE. Of course it’s always nice to go away for awhile and stop thinking about work.

Barracuda Beach Resort View

view from Panino Cafe

adopt a pug at k9

Dobbie was overwhelmed to be out and about

Baraccuda Resort UAE  Barracuda Hotel Rooms

Rooms in Um al quwain

Barracuda Beach

Cuddles with my boy

Dubai holiday pug

Walking along the beach

Gopro View of Barracuda chalet

Our little Chalets

Pet holiday in dubai

Puppies are playing under the rain


I advise to bring grocery snacks cos you won’t find any shops nearby. They have a restaurant which is called Aquarius that offers good selection of menu dishes which is cheaper than in Dubai (especially alcohol). You can go to their only coffee shop called Panino that serves with coffee, Gelato and alcohol at the same time. Cool isn’t it!?icecream pie at Aquarius

Gelato in Panino

Panino Cafe Shop   Play pool at Aquarius

Relaxing-in-Dubai  Short break in dubai

The rate for a day varies depending on the schedule of booking. It’s best to call for inquiry.

Barracuda Beach Resort 
Khor Al Baida,Umm Al Quwain,United Arab Emirates
T: 00971-6-7681555,    F: 00971-6-7681556
E: [email protected]


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