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Things You Need To Know About Dubai

Marina Yacht Dubai

Ever since I  started this blog I have been gradually posting my experiences all around UAE (mostly in Dubai) from travel to food and all those random bits that I have encountered. My main purpose is to document my experience on a specific place and share a bit of knowledge for everyone who’s been in Dubai for so long but aren’t aware that such place ever existed or for some who just came on board.

As an expat living for almost two years I have grown to love the emirate more and more. The fact that Dubai, as a cosmopolitan city where people are rushing to and fro work and home is just a common routine. Apart from the hustle-bustle life there are countless of wonderful things that will make your stay a memorable one. 

Karama Burjuman Dubai

I live in a place where I consider it as the heart of the city , called Karama. A place where you can find cheap eats and a good place to shop for those who are on a budget. Asians are the majority of people residing particulary, Filipinos and Indians. Filipinos are abundant in this place because most accommodations are cheaper and is very convenient. It is close to the metro train, restaurants, beauty parlors, hospitals, malls, bars etc. No wonder my posts are all about the food circling Karama.

Five minutes walk will take you to a variety of restaurants such as Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian and of course Filipino. I feel like I haven’t left Philippines at all. Grocery shops like West Zone offers so many Filipino products. You can find Yakult, Yakisoba, Chicken Chicharon and etc.

I dreaded summer and because of that I am forced to call for delivery. Thankful for the convenience of the shops that offers free delivery.

It is also famous for tourists who are up to fake designer stuff. You’ll be surprised with the quality of handbags like Michael Kors, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. You are more likely to be ripped off in this place if you are a westerner so better bring with you an asian friend to help you haggle with them.

streets of karama

There’s also this part of Dubai which is called Dubai Marina, it consists of high-end skyscrapers and is known for the home of western expats. It’s one of the must see places but food are often costly. The place is close to the famous Palm Jumeirah (man-made island). In this area you will  find sky diving and all the luxurious things you can’t even think of. It’s more like touristy side of Dubai. I love the place but I can’t trade it for where I am staying now.

Dubai Marina Boat


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