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The stunning art galleries in DIFC | Dubai

artistic design in Dubai

Anything that is considered Art is becoming very popular in Dubai. You might noticed that several coffee shops and restaurants are creating eye-catching interior designs. Some are offering art materials which customers can engage and participate in groups teaching them how to make any sort of crafts. Others provide free activities in creating magazine designs, interesting reads/ books. These are just to name a few which fascinates me a lot.

DIFC (Dubai International Finance Center) is a perfect place for those who are interested in arts. It might be thought as a bunch of plain business offices but there’s more to it. You will find nice places to eat and drink but the highlight of it is their art galleries, located in the Gate Village. It is an outdoor area connected to the rest of DIFC.  Just a few walk from Emirates tower metro station.

I’ll be on the lookout for more art places in Dubai! 

Below are snaps from my first visit to DIFC.  Share your thoughts! 🙂

DIFC area in Dubai

the twin Emirates Towers

DIFC cafes and restaurants

DIFC shops and coffee

Dubai art exhibitions

art consultancy dubai

art education dubai

art galleries in DIFC Dubai

Art galleries in DIFC

art spaces in DIFC Dubai


Contemporary art in Dubai

DIFC Village area


Horse art gallery

Superman art design wall

the beatles pillow cover


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