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The Dubai Expo 2020 Infographic

With the popularity of Twitter, Reddit, RSS feeds and Apps on our smartphones, our attention spans seem be shortening. We prefer small chunks of entertainment condensed for us, so we can take them in and move on to the next one with little effort. 

For me Infographics are perfect for this current generation. A visually pleasing way to sum up something that may normally come in a long article. If you get it right, then people have a story in your head that they will remember for a long time.

An infograph should follow a path and tell a good story, a great opportunity to use one is for a campaign such as Dubai’s attempts to host Expo 2020.

Dubai Expo 2020

Currently in Dubai, you can’t move for advertisements and mentions of Expo 2020. The Expo would be a great thing for the region, it has been estimated that it will create around 280,000 jobs between 2013-2021. It would also provide world-wide attention to the Emirate as a place of innovation and allow it to improve its infrastructure. I am excited to see all the things that such an ambitious place will do for an event like this!

Many of the advertisements for the Expo are clear and simple, promoting the logo which must be familiar to all of us living here. However I haven’t seen much about what the actual “Expo” means and its history.

The Infographic

The below piece is fascinating and follows everything that I love about infographics.

It follows a story: Showing you major inventions from different Expos, where they were held and some interesting facts. I didn’t know that Expos were so significant in history! It has lovely visuals: With each image you instantly know what is being talked about – your eyes may be drawn to different areas, but you won’t want to miss a fact.

It’s something I’ll tell my friends: Perhaps this is the most important one! Once I’ve read it, I will share it on Facebook Walls or Tweet it as it is something that I know my friends would like to see.

So good job for the guys behind the creation of this infographic, thanks for showing us how to do a good infographic 🙂 And good luck to Dubai. I hope I will be able to blog to you all from Expo 2020 – I’ll do my best to cover all the interesting inventions and ideas!

World Expo Inventions Infographic


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