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Adopting a dog in Dubai

Dobbie Pug Scotland Team

I would like to introduce our latest member of the family. His name is Dobbie. He is six years old and is a rescue pug. We adopted him from K9 Friends last September 2012, it is a non-profit making, voluntary run organisation located in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

We were told by the shelter staff that he has been abandoned by his previous owners and found by the Municipality wandering around the street.

He looked very excited and overwhelmed as we met him for the first time. He was jumping at us,  panting with his cute muzzled wrinkly face. We fell in love with him instantly and thought that this pug deserves a home to live.

He was quite thin for a pug and his skin have spots and weathered. He is under treatment and the vets provided us his tablets. After a couple of minutes signing some documents we took him home.

It didn’t take long for us to adjust as we brought him. At first he was anxious that he frequently pee on the house and wreck our bin, we are aware that it’s normal since dogs are territorial. Until then, we managed to do his toilet routine walking him twice a day or more during weekends.

We just love his happy-go-lucky attitude – simply giving us priceless joy. I find it so amusing whenever he rub his flat face on my side. Just seeing him very happy and excited as I enter the door from work is such a heart melting experience. We are so blessed to find him and for sure we know that he is just as happy as we are now knowing he have a place he can call home.

Dobbie pug in dubai

gangster pug in dubai rescue dog from k9 shelter rescue dog in dubai


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