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Where to find Cheap booze | Barracuda


Booze is expensive in Dubai. It is only available in a bar or restaurant inside a hotel. You can’t buy it anywhere and it’s illegal to sell if you don’t have a license.

One thing to buy alcohol is when you’re flying to Dubai. You can get some in Duty Free but of course there’s a limit. You can only bring  3 bottles of wine, or 2 boxes of beer which is 24 cans each.

I heard people talking about this sort of place where you can get cheap booze from another Emirate. It might sound a bit dodgy but yeah it definitely is real. Imagine you can get a gin or vodka for just 10 dirhams! So it’s a great news for all no need to worry of getting dry. 

It was raining the whole day. We drove from Mirdif to Umm Al Quwain packed with our stuff and our babies (dogs). We have been looking forward for this 2-day break. Just to get away from the city and spend quality time with our dogs which is the main plan.  

We reached Barracuda Beach Resort after forty five minutes of driving. It was so quiet probably because it’s Wednesday and it’s raining.

As soon as we settled our stuff inside our chalet we went down to the Booze shop – 2 minute walk. It’s my first time to visit so I was really excited to see what the place is like.


I was greeted by a huge billboard with a man wearing a kilt. Scottish!


They have a section where they store all different kinds of wine.


Sparkling wine? Anyone?


In Barracuda Booze Shop you will see different types of alcohol. From Japanese beer, German, Swedish, Korean, American, British, Scottish and so much more.   ….and a hell a lot of foreign drinks!

Barracuda-UAE-Drinks. Booze-in-Barracuda

I bought Breezer for only 5 dirhams60 dirhams for Absolut Vodka is just amazing!



It’s nice to know that this place exists but you need to be careful and make sure to secure an alcohol license when buying at Barracuda. Especially when passing the border of Sharjah (it is a dry place). Here’s a link on how to obtain an alcohol license in Dubai.

Address: Umm Al Quwain
Phone: 06 768 1555



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