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Waldorf Astoria Mezzerie Brunch

Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah

Outdoor Dining Mezzeri Brunch


When I hear the word “Waldorf” it always reminds me of that drama series, Gossip Girls. It’s a story about the lives of privileged adolescents living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Anyway, in real life Waldorfs are known to be an elite family in New York city – having owned multiple businesses and luxury hotels from all over the world. In the UAE alone they have two, the one in Palm Jumeirah and Ras Al Khaimah.

So when I received an invite to try Waldorf Astoria’s famous Mezzerie restaurant for the New-york inspired brunch, I got very excited! The location is close to the end of the Palm Jumeirah. We have passed Atlantis and took another 15 mins to arrive. The 5-star hotel is massive and luxurious, just what I expected.
The Mezzerie restaurant is located just below the grand lobby, down a grand staircase which is adorned with elegant decorations and extremely friendly staff.

Upon arriving in the restaurant we were whisked to our table (complete with my name on the reservation card!), but couldn’t resist the urge to go for a wander around the outside area which was beautiful. It was a sunny but breezy day so there were many people sitting outside enjoying the weather and stunning surroundings, which included a pool area with the water glistening against the backdrop of the stunning hotel.

As with our normal tradition of Friday brunches, we avoided having breakfast so we were ready to sample all the delights on offer. I can tell you now we were not disappointed!

We started with a visit to the fish counter. This area was adorned with fresh delicious fish, including ceviche – the Peruvian dish that I am seeing more of these days, where raw fish is combined in a beautiful sharp vinegar flavour.

They also had a wide array of high quality shellfish including Ricky’s favourite – oysters!

After we had our fill of fish, we moved on to their meat selection. This was also amazing, including beautiful roast meats and a full pig, complete with all the different cuts, hams and pates you could wish for. We were particular fans of the iberico ham, where a full pig leg was on display with the delicious tender meat that melted in your mouth. The roasts were also delicious with roast beef cooked to perfection, matching perfectly with the truffle infused mashed potato, yorkshire puddings, roast vegetables and englush mustard.

As we were eating a gentleman from the neighbouring Italian restaurant ‘Social‘ by michelin star winning chef Heinz Beck dropped by to serve us 2 dishes from their menu. The first dish was a ravioli dish with a very unique parmesan flavouring and the second was a luscious risotto. Both of these were beautiful, especially the ravioli which was featured in a recent Time Out magazine as dish of the week. This is a great idea which keeps in the spirit of the brunch, where people can sample selected tasters from neighbouring restaurants.

There were 3 ‘tiers’ for the brunch, with those opting for non-alcoholic package being given a selection of fresh fruit juices, coffees and soft drinks. There are also two tiers of alcoholic packages, with the highest including champagne and the standard offering the usual fayre of spirits and beers.

The dessert selection was varied and extremely tasty. They had some of the finest creme brulee I have tried, as well as lovely tiramisu and one of our favourites – the Egyptian dish Um Ali!

Another standout moment for me was the jazz duet who played soothing, relaxing tones throughout the brunch. I found this very pleasant and not overbearing, as the music in some brunches can be, allowing us to chat and enjoy the ambiance.

Overall I had a fantastic visit to the Waldorf Astoria and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to treat their loved ones or celebrate a very special occassion. As it is very far from my home in Bur Dubai, the next time I visit I would be very tempted to do a staycation as the hotel looks beautiful, including the oh so inviting pool!


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Waldorf Astoria Brunch
Fridays from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
+971-4-818 2222
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