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Travelling from Dubai to Hongkong to Manila

It’s been awhile since I have updated this blog. I’ve been away for almost a month to spend my first ultimate holiday in the Philippines and been itching to write the experience.

I’m not sure where and how to start but I think it’ll be better to focus on the interesting bits.

Normally when you are working in Dubai you will be given a month break annually but since I have transferred a different employer it took me almost two years before I can have my holiday. And finally the long wait came which is the 1st of September.

We flew from Dubai to Hongkong with my partner that took 7 hours then we had a stop over for 3 hours in Hongkong then off again to Manila for 2 hours flight.

Despite the two of us having a flu we manage to survive our long-haul flight.

Massive Hongkong Airport

Massive Hongkong Airport

Shopping at Hongkong Airport

pointing a 24,500 HKS what an alcohol!

I really love Hongkong airport – I can just live there!

One of the highlights of having a stop-over will be the opportunity to experience asian dining!

Since my partner is a tourist I was expecting for a fee in Manila airport however they didn’t ask for it as we queue on for immigration/checking of passport. But on his return from Manila to Hongkong he paid 100 dirhams while I didn’t pay anything since I am an OFW.

We stayed one night in Manila at Remington Hotel which I made an earlier booking at Agoda for 300 dirhams. Remington Hotel is just 20 minute drive away from Terminal 1 airport. It is close to Resorts World, one of the luxurious hotel and Casino in Manila. I pick this place not just because its cheap but the convenience of providing free shuttle service to and fro the airport. I can’t be bothered hailing taxi cab and get ripped off which is rampant in Manila especially when you’re with a foreigner.

Reminton Resorts World Manila

strolling around Manila Resorts World

Resorts world Manila

inside the Resorts World Casino

Gerrys Grill Manila

Cheers to Filipino food

The area and the hotel feels safer. Just a short walk in a neighboring residential building you can have a very nice selection of restaurants and coffee shops. We went for a nice grilled seafood for dinner at Gerry’s. My partner love the sisig and barbeque. It’s his first time to try different Filipino food aside from Adobo which is the only thing i know how to cook. The following day we were scheduled for our Boracay flight which I will be posting next.

Having a nice coffee at Remington Hotel before our flight to Boracay.


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