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The Sum of Us Dubai | World Trade Center

Duck cassoulet

There has been plenty of things going on recently. I came from a holiday, my sister has arrived, started our Arabic class, going to the gym- and me trying to squeeze it all. But when it comes to invitations from blogger friends I always try to make time for it… because I enjoyed hanging out with them and it makes me feel like I belong! #foodies

So yesterday, we had this awesome morning breakfast at The Sum of Us cafe. This is the new breed of Tom & Serg’s specialty café bakery and coffee roastery. For month’s of anticipation and relentless teasers they have finally opened its doors. It is located in the Trade Center area, at the back of Sheraton. The location is perfect for me. It is very close to Karama and we can either take a taxi for only 13 dirhams or metro and stop at World trade Center (10 mins walk). Since it’s a Friday the metro opens in the afternoon so we took a taxi.

Doc Gelo (, Lady (Lady and her sweet escapes), Kenneth (Surat Journals), Edcel (Solo Flight Ed), Carla (My Yellow Bells) and Sheila (abandme) were all there, some brought partners and adorable kids. We had an amazing time of non-stop chatting about food and random stuff for 3 hours.

We picked most of their breakfast menu. I had the Scrambled eggs which the staff highly recommended and of course it didn’t disappoint. The egg has a creamy taste with just the right texture. It is topped with cherry tomato which makes it a perfect combination.

We all took turns in taking photos for each food we ordered. It was a chaos! 😛 It was really fun. I was watching how each of them take photos trying to get the perfect shot. Overall I am happy that there’s another reason to enjoy living in Dubai. Exceptional food and more lovely friends!

As a Tom & Serg fan, I will definitely be coming back again to The Sum of Us.

Location: Ground Floor, Burj Al Salam Residence Tower

Tsou Grazing Plate

Scrambed Eggs topped with Cherry tomatoes

The Sum of Us Waffles

Parlova Dessert  The sum of us dessert The Sum of Us Dubai The-Sum-Of-US-Roastery.  The Sum of Us World Trade

The Sum of Us Linux Fixie

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