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The Opening of Nofara Cafe at JLT | Dubai

Turkish delight at Nofara Cafe Dubai

Last Monday night we had the privilege to take part in Nofara Cafe’s grand opening at Jumeirah Lake Towers.

We anticipated to arrive at seven however as a result of taxi driver confusion, we ended up on the wrong side of JLT, heading to Abu Dhabi.

Despite the predicament that we found ourselves in, we walked for 20 minutes until we saw our landmark – the large-blue-full-glass building with the ‘Swiss Tower’ sign on top of it, as well as the big “DAMAS” store on the opposite side of the road. The location is not far from Dubai Marina metro station on the JLT side.

Nofara Cafe JLT

Nofara Cafe Dubai

Nofara Cafe Outdoor View

Our 20-minute walk was worth it when we finally arrived at the place. The cafe fills a big indoor space with full glass walls on the side, it is brightly lit at night. The interiors have a modern but homely touch to their design, just perfect for lounging and chilling out. They also have a shisha area and outdoor seating facing the lake. The interior, complete with chalkboards and tasty looking home-baked goods on display, reminded my partner of Organic Cafes which are currently very popular in the UK.

We are very grateful to Ms Lindi and the rest of her team for their invite. They were great hosts, with their fantastic staff always looking after us and topping us up with refreshing drinks and tasty samplers from the menu.

fantastic staff of Nofara Cafe serving fresh juices

The theme of Nofara’s menu is Organic Homemade style food with an Arabic twist. We sampled a great variety of dishes, including a very tasty Mousaka (our favourite), Moroccan style chicken, Parceled Hammour, Cumin Beef and some sandwiches (chicken pesto and lamb meatloaf). Their drinks were super refreshing, the most memorable being an apple mojito with fresh apple pieces floating in it.

enjoying my apple mojito

chocolate brownies and cupcakes Nofara

For desserts, the Arabic/Eastern influence was definitely noticeable, sumptuous chocolate brownies and cupcakes infused with flavours such as Turkish delight and pistachio. My partner has just returned from Istanbul and it felt like a revisit for him!

The prices are very reasonable, main meals are around 35-50 AED, fresh fruit drinks are under 20 AED and cakes are generally priced from 15-20 AED. No more than you would see in similar organic style cafes around town.

fresh organic veg and fruit Ripe ME

They also have a tie up with “Ripe”, a service that is really getting popular in the UAE, where people can order fresh organic veg and fruit delivered to their door. You can place your orders from Nofara and I believe you can also arrange to pick up from there too.

For all the food we were generously provided with, you could really taste the freshness in the vegetables/fruit and the warm meals felt like they could easily have been cooked at home by a loving mother.

As a big fan of the Lime Tree Café, I am excited at the prospect of seeing Organic style eateries such as the excellent Nofara Café popping up in Dubai – for us customers, this is only a good thing!

goody bag with turkish delights

On our exit, we were given a cute little goody bag containing Turkish delights, coffee beans and some materials about the Café. A lovely way to say goodbye to a fantastic visit.

Of course, having been treated so well by the Nofara team, it’s no surprise we will speak such good words! There’s only one way to find out if we’re speaking the truth…

P.S. Let me know of your favourite organic style café in the UAE!

chocolate cupcake

enticing sweets of Nofara Fresh Healthy Salads Health Bar Moroccan style chicken Nofara Cafe Gourmet Nofara Cafe Menu Nofara's home made delicacies organic chicken pesto Parceled Hammour Turkish style chocolate cakes very tasty Mousaka


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