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Seafood in a Bucket | Karama

Steamed Lobster in Seafood in a bucket

Steamed Lobster in Seafood in a bucket

“What’s the hype all about?” I asked myself when my former colleagues keeps on asking me about this place in Karama called “Seafood in a Bucket“. They said “Myla.. It’s the new talk of the town and it’s close to where you live!” 

So funny that it was later on when I discovered about the place. It amazes me on how the effect of social media made it’s popularity increased dramatically even the farthest residents are flocking just to try and experience the food.

seafood in a bucket dubai kararma

Always full-packed and spotted some westerners dining in

So two months ago I phoned the restaurant to make a reservation when a lady told me that there’s no chance of me visiting that day. They are too busy and more and more customers are queuing up so I decided to leave it on that time.


the Watermelon soda and Iced tea

After so many attempts of planning to visit we finally made it! It was a warm sunny afternoon and despite the awful feeling of walking past Karama station we felt relieved that we only have to wait for 5 minutes to sit.

I suggest you go during mid-afternoon on a weekday or on a Saturday. 

The service staff are nice. In a couple of minutes our drinks arrived. We ordered for a watermelon flavoured soda and Iced tea that came in a massive glass jars. The watermelon one is a bit too sweet for me so next time I’ll have to try their other options. Our food arrived  in a reasonable time as well.

We had a Lobster which the staff recommended and we absolutely enjoyed it. The sauces compliments the seafood and blends well with the taste. It also comes with a piece of sweet corn. The mussels are also my fave – the taste of sea in it! I just like the feeling of ripping them from the shell and dip in the pepper sauce.

We had fried calamari – it was actually good at first but then the crispy coating is too thick that you can’t barely taste the squid. That’s the only downside of our visit but hopefully the management can try to look on that. Maybe some customers had thought of it but aren’t able to share their suggestions.  All in all we recommend Seafood in a Bucket to all my followers and friends for them to try and experience the unique concept of the restaurant.

They are expecting a new branch in Ansar Gallery, Karama so the business is working really well.

Also the best thing is the UNLIMITED RICE for all the dishes! One of the effective strategy of Seafood in a Bucket.

Let’s support Filipino business in Dubai!

Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari at Seafood in a Bucket

Lobster Seafood in a bucket

Working to earn your food wearing plastic gloves


Steamed mussels are so yummy dipped with pepper sauce



Seafood in a bucket by ASAP

Seafood in a bucket by ASAP

Famous seafood in a bucket in Karama

Until next time Seafood in a Bucket

With all the food we ordered our bill is only 90 dirhams. Can’t wait to visit again!

Seafood in a Bucket
Ground Floor, New Al Attar Centre, Al Karama, Dubai
Contact number: 04 3885219



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