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Royce’ Chocolate | The best chocolate in the world?


If you were to ask to what you think is the best chocolate in the world what would it be?

I have always been a fan of Japanese chocolates. They have a smooth texture and the sweetness is just right – not too sweet.

Last week, as what Ricky usually does. Researching about the best food in Dubai. He came up with a suggestion to checkout this shop located in Dubai Mall.

The shop is called Royce’ Chocolate and have just recently opened it’s first shop in Dubai at Galeries Lafayette.

The staff recommended the Nama Chocolate as their best selling and costs 105 dirhams per box.

Royce’ Chocolate is headquartered in Hokkaido, Japan. The company is known in offering the finest chocolates using the freshest quality ingredients.The chocolate has been carefully produced to result a rich velvety smooth chocolate.

The box was  placed in a cooling bag to make sure that the chocolate will not melt. It is properly sealed with 5 layers of wrapper to open! 🙂

This has been the best chocolate I’ve tried. Have you tried one yet?









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