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Rolling Roast at Jekyll and Hyde DIFC

Best rolling roast in Dubai

My first taste of a classic British roast was when I visited UK and Ricky’s mum cooked me one of her signature roast. Ever since I’ve been craving for that wonderful dish with so many flavours. I was delighted when Jekyll and Hyde invited me to try their new Rolling Roast concept.

Jekyll and Hyde is located in Al Fattan currency house in the DIFC area. It is a really smart venue that reminds us of a modern British pub. I was a big fan of the music they played and the smiling faces of all the staff as we arrived. When seated, we were served by the lovely Ryan who suggested that we try their signature cocktail the Jekyll martini with passion fruit and the Mango Daiquiri (this one was buy 1 get 1 as part of happy hour) both of these drinks were lovely. I love the bitter tang of the Jekyll martini and Ricky was a huge fan of the sweet Mango flavours in the daiquiri.




After a short wait Ryan arrived with our two roasts. I have chosen the half roasted chicken and Ricky went for Tinderloin Beef (cooked red). These dishes look absolutely amazing and took me right back to that Sunday in the UK many years ago.

After the traditional gravy pouring we were all set to get stuck in to our roast. The amount of flavours on the dish was incredible. From the crispy baked potatoes the smooth and sweet mashed turnip the tangy pickled cabbage, the massive wholesome yorkshire pudding, the cheesy decadent cauliflower  and the tender chicken infused with a beautiful rosemary flavour.




This was really a stunning dish with so much depth of flavour. As I picked up my chicken there was yet another surprise awaiting me. A wonderful golden parsnip. This one took Ricky back to his Christmas dinners of old.

The beef was also beautiful cooked red and covered in gravy. It was such a soft, juicy and tasty and went perfectly with its accompanied horse radish sauce. The portion sizes were very generous (too big for me) but good for Ricky!

If you’re lookig for a trip down memeory lane to those Sunday roast your mother used to cook or if you like or taste a real authentic homely British food I would heartily recommend the Rolling roast at Jekyll and Hyde.

In addition you can up-size your meal (this maybe a great option for two) and you can also include a glass or a bottle of wine for a litte bit more. To close of our meal (although there wasn’t much room left for it we decided to try the home-made ice cream.


This was the perfect send off to our meal. The sharp cherry sorbet  and the creamy vanilla and butterscotch ice cream cleansed our pallettes and were the perfect sweet treat to end our meal.


Jekyll and Hyde Dubai 

Level M from ground floor lobby lift, Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC, Dubai

Call: +971 (0)43435 518

Instagram – jekyllandhydedubai

Facebook – Jekyll & Hyde 



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