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Restaurants in Boracay Island | Philippines

Cute coffee shop boracay

Now let’s go back to memory lane once more. Half a year had past since my last holiday in the Philippines and still can’t get enough of it. Feels like having an unfinished business that needs to get sorted!

Thankful for my sharp memory I was able to keep them fresh but not that fresh you know! On this post you will see gazillion photos and a not so accurate description so I advise you to let the photos speak for themselves.

These are random places from station 2 and 3. We haven’t much explored 1 I think and it’s like the opposite from where we are staying.

Most of the pictures are taken from my trusty GoPro Hero 3 and Samsung mobile.

Coffee Bloom in Boracay


Here’s our little coffee shop just 5 minutes away from Dave’s Straw Hat. I love the setting and it made me wish I own one -someday.cute-coffee-korean-shop

Boracay coffee shopThe owner of Coffee Bloom Cafe is from Korea. It’s not a surprise cos they like cute stuff and the fact that they are everywhere in the Philippines which is good for the economy of course.

English Breakfast in boracay

Their version of English breakfast. It comes with bread, longganisa, bacon, scrambled eggs and mango. Food was okay and reasonable for the price which is 260 pesos.biggest pancake - dave's straw hat

This is a jumbo Banana pancake from Dave’s Straw Hat. I’ve read from Tripadvisor that this is their must-try menu and it does tastes so good and very filling.

After breakfast we will then wander around from Station 3 to D Mall or we head to the beach and do like this…

gopro hero boracay philippines

and this…

swimming in boracay gopro

These are the best moments when you’re on a holiday. You don’t need to think about anything but to enjoy! I figured out it’s impossible to sleep under the sea.

After the non-stop walking along the beach, we would stop for awhile to catch the magnificent view of the sunset. Boracay is known for that!



Our first dinner in Boracay was at Le Soleil. For a price of 700 each you’ll get a full dinner buffet. We had shrimp and crabs, pasta and adobo which are all  good apart from their drinks. But all in all we were satisfied with the food. I don’t know why I don’t have photos of the food. What the heck!

Le Soleil Boracay

Now this is the place they call D Mall, lines of shops from retail to bars and restaurants.


D Mall


This is the yummiest Takoyaki I have eaten. I forgot the restaurant’s name but it’s just along the beachfront near Dave Straw Hat. 🙂

takoyaki in boracay station 3

Fire dancers in Boracay at nightWhen it’s dark Boracay island comes alive. You’ll get to see Fire dancers around showcasing their twirling and spinning holding a chain gracefully as if there’s no flame! I was in awe when I first saw them. They are famous for their dare-devil performance that made tourist stop and watch.


We had Sbarro! This is one of the food I missed from Philippines.Jammers Cocktails BoracayIf you’re looking for good smoothies or cocktails then Jammers is for you. You can select fresh juices and alcohol.

Delicious Cocktails in Boracay

Blue mango Tripadvisor Boracay

Blue Mango Station 3Blue Mango is one of Tripadvisors recommended restaurant in Boracay but I don’t know why we only ordered for a club sandwich haha I’m sure there’s still some photos.Epic Bar at night

Epic Bar BoracayFor the last part, Epic bar is our gem. I  love their drinks! Margherita is a bomb and their Mojitos ohh makes me go oh lala.

I hope you enjoyed this brief photo blog. Until next episode of Boracay escapade!

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