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Ravi Restaurant | Pakistani Food

Ravi Restaurant Dubai

We had our Saturday dinner at the famous Pakistani restaurant in Dubai, Ravi. The branch that we visited is the one closer to us, across from Burjuman Mall and behind Pizza Hut. The restaurant is huge and offers two sections for family and non-family area. What makes it interesting is the outside seating ambiance. It is situated in a lively and busy part of Karama.

Ravi Restaurant Burjuman

It sits next to busy restaurants like Naples Pizza, Mirchi and Al Kauser, where you get to see customers sitting outside enjoying their shisha and food.

Ravi is very popular for it’s Biryani. I believe people who grew up in Dubai would definitely know this restaurant. It is one of the oldest well known restaurants in Dubai. It is ranked number 1 of 479 things to do in Dubai by Lonely Planet travellers.

Cabbies to five-star chefs flock to this legendary Pakistani eatery where you eat like a prince and pay like a pauper. Loosen that belt for heaping helpings of kick-ass curries, succulent grilled meats, perky dal (lentils) and fresh, buttery naan. There’s a family room and a cafeteria, but it’s worth waiting for an outside table to watch Satwa on parade.

Eating Ravi food is an effective way to kill hangovers according to some. Their food is above spicy for me, my personal term for it is ‘killer spicy’! I am always thankful for the yogurt (raitha) as it washes off the spice.

Our order was served in less than 10 minutes. It consists of plain roti which is the most important part of the meal for me. I like the taste of the crunchy burnt part of the bread, dipping it in the daal fry. The roti should always be hot, if not you can request for a replacement. My partner loves the bihari kebabs, they are very tender on the inside, however a bit too spicy for me. If you are into spicy food, be sure to give them a try!

Small Salad

Chicken Tikka and Roti Dip in Daal fry and  Yoghurt Indoor seating area of Ravi PakistaniRavi Restaurant Karama


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