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Taste Kitchen at Mercato Mall

Aspharagus wiht Chips

Hospitality businesses in Dubai are thriving to create a fun and unique image to the public. With the growing popularity of gourmet restaurants, of course they don’t want to be drowned by competitors.

However, Taste Kitchen is one of those restaurants that I find pleasingly attractive without trying too much , situated in Mercato Mall along the Jumeirah Beach Road. They provide an organic and minimalist atmosphere.  Taste kitchen is a homegrown restaurant that creates fantastic food presentation and used only the fresh ingredients.

We drove for more than half an hour just to try their food! It was our first team lunch so our boss decided to go somewhere special (very nice of her).

I can’t find their menu on the website so I will try my best to describe what order 🙂

First and foremost we ordered for drinks! We were really impressed with the fruit jars! I love the mason jars that came with it and the straw!

taste kitchen fun fresh juices

taste kitchen fun fresh juices – photo from Taste Kitchen site

I ordered a Shrimp with curry. The curry sauce was put on the side. That was one good curry!

Shrimp with Green Curry

Our boss was all praises to the photo below. As I mentioned I forgot the name of all these dishes but this one comes with asparagus, chips, and cheeses on top.

Aspharagus wiht Chips

Below is  Pates, liver spread.

Pâtés Liver spread

Aubergine with Cheese

Aubergine with Cheese


Mozzarella pizza topped with Brocolli

Mozzarella pizza topped with Brocolli


Fresh cucumber juice

Fresh cucumber juice

Since we are too full to eat, we took the rest of the pizza for take away. It’s always a nice feeling to know that you’re eating healthy food!

Although a bit far from where I live I would still like to come back again with Ricky 🙂

Have you been to Taste Kitchen? Share your thoughts! xoxo

Taste Kitchen
Ground Floor, Mercato Mall (opposite Spinneys)
Tel: 04 385 4380

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