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We were feeling adventurous on a Thursday night and decided to take up an invitation from Skye & Walker to try their Filipino Buffet night.

It had been a while since we’d eaten some of my homeland cuisine – were excited for our trip to a new place and we were not disappointed!

Upon arriving at S&W the first thing we noticed was the stunning interior, it is a beautiful modern style restaurant that reminded us of the sort of places you see in Bay Square or Citywalk. We were met by the lovely staff who sat us down and took our drinks orders (fruit juices).

The buffet selection is in line with S&W’s principles of healthy cuisine along with some Filipino classics (especially for the Thursday promotion). We started off by sampling the salads, which were packed full of fresh and tasty ingredients. My favourites were the macaroni salad (a Filipino classic!), whilst Ricky loved the eggplant and tomato salad – which he said reminded him of the Arabic staple baba ghanouj.

After polishing off our salads, we were desperate to try the handmade chicken lumpia shanghai and lechon manok. These were the highlights of our meal, the chicken lumpia was stuffed full of freshly steamed veg and chicken – all contained in that golden crispy shell. It was to die for! The lechon manok was also great, I especially loved the classic Filipino sauces combining with the crispy skin.

There was also a variety of traditional Pinoy hotplate dishes to choose from, highlights included Pancit Palabok (my Mum’s favorite dish!), fried rice, sweet and sour calamari and kare kare. These were all excellently prepared -you could tell the chef was definitely a Filipino!

All evening we had been eyeing up the dessert section and we were not disappointed once we reached it! I loved the sticky rice where we call it Bico in Bisaya and the delicious leche flan. Ricky was delighted to see they had his one true love (apart from me!) tiramisu and some delicious blueberry cheesecake.

If you fancy a break for a tasty treat, drop by Skye and Walker in Diera to be treated to some healthy tasty food and friendly staff all in a beautiful location. Their outdoor area looks great for a winter evening or morning.
Btw if you are an avocado fan (who isnt these days!), they are known for doing some crazy avocado dishes as part of their breakfast menu – this is a must try! Let me know if you go.

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