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Evening Desert Safari | Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari

Almost after two years of living in UAE. I finally get to experience Dubai’s must do activity, the Desert Safari Adventure. With my boss’ generosity, I was awarded two vouchers for an Evening Dessert Safari. Hurray! (being the employee of the month that is). Since it’s my first time, boyfriend presented to come with me even though he has been there three times. Well, that’s sweet!

Similar to our Musandam Tour to Oman, the pick up point was still in Burjuman (Spinneys). It was exactly quarter past four in the afternoon when the van left heading to our destination. We were expecting that a 4×4 will take us as what it normally does however we were escorted in a van. We thought maybe this is a different type of system.

The van finally stopped at the area called Hatta, a road going to Oman. After an hour of journey, we are all gathered out and waited to be picked up again, finally with a 4×4. We felt a bit bothered because the process isn’t properly manage well.

As soon as seated on, we were requested to fasten our seat belt properly and the driver pedaled him self as the 4×4 sped to life. Dune bashing isn’t that bad! I was grinning the whole time while the driver makes his twists and turns and was hoping that we can go further to a higher slope. I thought it was okay, far less scarier than the Formula Rossa one in Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi. I believe when you have tried the most extreme one you no longer appreciate the less thrilling rides.

Moving on, after the not so extreme dune bashing experience we were dropped by a camp area, like a sort of Bedouin camp. There you will see people enjoying camel rides, taking pictures, site seeing and waiting to witness the amazing sunset in the desert.

Arabic Tent

Desert Camp UAE
Bedouin Camp

Grilled Corns

Fresh Coconut Juice

Shisha Desert Safari

National Bird of the UAE - Falcon

I caught one man holding a Falcon, being so nosy he suddenly held it on top my arm and said I can take pictures as much as I want. I was a bit scared thinking the Falcon might be agressive. Of course it was tamed but I can’t stare at it face to face. After the brief picture taking, he then said: “Ten dirhams!” It was a bit shocking. I should have asked first but it was worth it though since I got decent photos with the UAE’s national bird – the Falcon.

We made our way to the higher slope of the desert. My favourite part was holding the sand on my bare hands. It felt so fine and smooth. We had our own way to enjoy ourselves so we made photo experiments (as you can see below).

When the sun finally settled down and the sky got darken we headed inside the camp. We ordered for two fresh coconut assuming it’s free. The guy then said: “Twenty dirhams!”

Lesson learned never assume that it’s free!!!!! We just thought all are included in the package. What a shame.

Inside the camp is where we get to have our dinner and enjoy the little local entertainment. I wasn’t able to take  pictures of our food because they have a problem with their generator so they have to use their 4×4’s headlight to light up the camp.

We had our shisha/hookah and lounge ourselves, relaxing while waiting for the buffet to be ready.

We watched a guy that is performing the traditional Arabic Tanoura Dance. After his presentation he called some guests to participate on the stage to try on the skirt and whirl around the same dance he is doing.

Arabic Tanoura Dance is performed by Sufi men, Darawish. The dance is similar to the Sufi whirling in Levant and Turkey. The men wear long colorful skirts.

The last performance is from a lady doing exotic belly dancing. After that we head out to wait for the 4×4 until we are all settled in a bus going back to the pick up point which is in Burjuman. We arrived at half ten.

That was quite a long day for us. There has been couple of delays and technical problems but at the end of it all we were glad we have gone. It’s one of the firsts for me and have turned out to be a memorable one.

Desert Sand of Dubai

Desert Safari Sunset Dubai Desert Safari UAE Dune Bashing

Male Toilet - so cool

Silhouette Desert Safari Silhouette Sunset in the Desert

Evening Desert Safari

Safari Desert


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