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Cooper’s Bar | Park Rotana


What’s not to love in Park Rotana Abu Dhabi? An all in one package that fits perfectly for a staycation. Family buffet? You got Ginger All Day Dining. An intimate dinner night with your partner? Go for Teatro and if you’re up for a traditional British pub then Cooper’s Bar is perfect for you!

On the second night of our staycation we headed to try out Cooper’s Bar for food and drink. Although my posts may suggest otherwise, I’m honestly not a big drinker! I do enjoy a couple of nice cocktails to kick start weekend with Ricky as a nice treat for a hard weeks work.

The bar displays huge LCD screens that shows football matches and all the big sports events. A group of friends were chatting around a cool beer refill station that we had seen in the UK but not here before (with ‘pour your own’ beer taps on the table).

I had Cosmo for the first order and Mojito while the fiancee Ricky (haha sounds cheesy) ordered a Mojito. The crowd was getting busy as we were munching our Chicken wings! We ordered the buffalo wings which had that signature tangy barbecue flavor. They were really tasty especially the blue cheese dip. Then a couple of minutes later we decided to order mains. We quite fancied steak so both went for the Ribeye steak, which came with lovely roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes. I was surprised at the lack of gravy but as soon as I asked we were provided with a bowl full which was great. I always have my steak with mashed potatoes and gravy! As the night went on, and a few mojitos later, the bar got very busy; with a group of guys chanting football songs (very well!), keeping everyone entertained. We decided to have our deserts which was a baked alaska and apple pie – both were delicious, with the baked alaska the traditional version of the innovative baked hawaiian I had in Teatro the previous night.

Overall I would say Cooper’s is great for those wishing for higher end food in a traditional pub environment. Almost a gastro-pub style place! As the night goes on it becomes a great place for party goers, with a famous DJ playing at the weekends.

So we went back to our room feeling satisfied and full, leaving the party animals to do their thing 🙂 I guess for us the night was old, but for them it was just beginning – does that mean we’re getting old?!


Cooper’s Bar and Restaurant

Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi


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