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Cheap Eats: Lan Zhou Noodle Restaurant in International City


We just love Zomato! It is the most efficient online review site showing you the best hidden gems around the UAE. One time we went to this authentic Chinese restaurant in International City. It has good ratings so we decided to give it a try. 

I have never been to International City but I’ve passed many times when going to Dragon Mart. It is a residential area located in Al Warsan, opposite to the Dubai Central Fruit and Vegetable Market. It’s a country-themed architecture with names such as Greece cluster, China cluster, England and so on. Many people preferred living here because of it’s low accommodation cost.

We went to Lan Zhou Noodle Restaurant. The place is old which you probably expect for a cheap eats. Very basic shop but I was impressed to see that for just as little early for dinner at 6 pm the place is almost full. 


Honestly I forgot the name of what we ordered but they have a quite few dish on their menu and mostly are popular. They have soups but we ordered for what tastes like Spicy Noodles, Chicken diced with peanuts, Mapo Tofu and rice. The taste is so good it’s more than we have expected for the price. It’s like similar to paying for medium high Chinese restaurant in Dubai.

I noticed that they actually made the noodles fresh from scratch. So cool! For three persons we only paid for around 50 dirhams with drinks! Amazing isn’t it? 

I think we’ll have another tour to International city soon to hunt for more  cheap eats with 5 star quality. Are you one of those people who are bold enough to explore the other side of Dubai? If you are it would be nice to share your experience! 





Lan Zhou Noodle Restaurant

Ground Level, C 10 Building, China Cluster

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