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Authentic Italian Pizza in Dubai | 800 Pizza

authentic italian pizza - 800 pizza

There’s an increasing number of Italian restaurants in Dubai. From posh eating to cheap dining you will be amazed on how widely and easily it is available.

I just love pizza but most of the pizzas I tried back home are in less quality, until I arrive in Dubai. My first ever authentic pizza was in 800 Pizza which happens to be my first company to have worked for as a telephone operator.

The experience in hospitality industry is very challenging and at the same time rewarding. Despite the unfixed schedules and dealing with some hard customers I am really grateful for the experience.

So I went back to visit my first family in Dubai. There’s so much improvement from the place and the quality of food is still the same – exceptional. All the pizzas are cooked using a special technique, a wood-fired oven thus making the crust slightly burnt (smoky flavour) – a trademark of an authentic Italian pizza.

I ordered my all-time favourite Pizza Bresaola e Ruchetta. It comes with fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, beef bresaola, rocket leaves and parmesan shavings on top. Wow I missed that spiel 😛

One thing that makes 800 Pizza stands out from the rest of the competition is that they are a member and a promoter of Slow Food. It means opposing the rise of fast food and fast life. They are in mission to provide the most freshest, healthiest, organic ingredients to the consumers so you may need to be quite patience when ordering your food because they will make it from scratch.

Pizza Bresaola e Ruchetta

mozarrella cheese, fresh tomato sauce, beef bresaola, rocket leaves and parmesan shavings on top

insalata caprese salad of 800 pizza

fresh slices of tomatoes topped with fresh buffalo mozarella cheese and basil leaves

800 pizza in marina walk dubai

dining at 800 pizza dubai marina

There are so many fancy Italian restaurants in Dubai but none of this made me change my Italian food cravings. So to Mr. Alessandro, cheers to the big success of 800 Pizza. Fino alla prossima volta!



Marina Hotel Apartments
Between the two Trident Towers
Dubai Marina Walk
Hotline: 800-74992 (PIZZA)

Abdullah Meheiri Building
Beside the Holiday Inn hotel
Al Barsha, Sheikh Zayed Road

Kijacl Motors buildin
Beside the cartdrome

Opposite the Al Manzil hotel

Ibn Battuta Mall

Click here to see the full map.


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