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Adios Amigos!

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. – Jim Morrison

The gang

Yesterday was one of the most memorable night, spending it with the rest of the gang.  Quite a bit sad because our dinner is a farewell gesture for the two of our NSG family (Janel and Cyrus) and other two will be off for their one month holiday (Zyra and Kyle).

I’ve been working with them for 8 months now and have been treated like a real family. What I love about these guys are they let me be myself. They’re the one’s you get so comfortable with – being carefree and all, that you don’t need to pretend and try to fit in. They’re just awesome genuine people which is rare to find in Dubai.

I know it’s cheesy!! but I just wanted to express the gratitude I felt to be a part of their lives despite of some leaving for good to move on and pursue greater career opportunities. (you suck janel and cyrus)

I always believe that friends are one of life’s passage they come and go but what matter’s most is the privilege of bumping and sharing your life with them.

NSG's finest

We ended up at Round Table Pizza (at Dubai Marina) after mistakenly thought by Janel that it was Papa John’s. Well thank you Janel!

i supposed this is a wacky styleI hate wacky! They make me wack. The night filled with conversatations mostly non-sense.

Janel leaving us huhu

Janel got a bit emotional while reading our messages to her. I was hoping to see her cry. hehe Cyrus was just ‘ok’

I can't decide what to eat - round table pizza

My head was saying: “I want that! I want that! I want that!” So greedy, no wonder why I’m so thin.

Pepperoni pizza at roundtable marina

Thin crust pepperoni with mozzarella cheese

Roundtable Pizza dubai marina

Gone in sixty seconds – And yes I eat four slices of each type of pizza! Well done Myla!

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