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A Visit to Burj Al Arab | Sky View Bar


Let’s talk posh! Before I proceed  I would like to thank Shirley and Hilary for this wonderful treat. Burj Al Arab has been one of my bucket list and finally I was able to experience pretending to be posh haha.

I’m pretty sure you have heard of this luxurious hotel in Dubai. An ambitious icon that sits in an artificial sand that was built to mimic the sail of a ship.  It was called as ‘The world’s only 7 star Hotel’ since 1999 till 2008. The hotel with its interiors made of Gold is one of their best pride.

We arrived a little before 4 pm. The lobby is massive. The walls and top roof is full of colourful interiors and gold as a dominant design . We head to the 27th  floor for an after tea at Sky View Bar. All the guests waited outside for a couple of minutes then they started calling names to be escorted inside the bar. It was all well-rehearsed like attending a wedding party. 

Skyview barWith the ladies

As we got in I was blinded by the bright light coming from the outside. The bar is surrounded by glass walls and you can perfectly see the breath taking view of whole Dubai.

The waiter greeted us politely and in no time we were offered our first drink, Champagne! I never thought an afternoon tea would have an alcohol along with it. Well I am absolutely happy with it.

The cost per person including a glass of champagne, appetizer, sandwiches, small steak, and dessert is a whooping 560 dirhams! Not bad huh? Well I think it is worth it to try once in your life especially if there’s a special occasion to celebrate it with.

One thing that will make this day a memorable one is that I spotted Michelle Rodriguez as she entered the bar. The first celebrity I saw in public in Dubai. That moment when she looked at me looking stupid, jaw dropped. It was late when my senses came back and decided to follow her to take a picture however they left 🙁

Michelle Rodriguez in DubaiMichelle Rodriguez in Dubai

So all in all it was a great experience. The steak tasted very nice although it’s just a wee portion but very good deal to be included for an afternoon tea. The sandwiches comes with varieties. I like the one with tuna in it. You can check the menu on the bottom part.

Dates for appetizer

Dates for appetizer


lovely steak


Afternoon tea burj al arab

Dessert burj al arab

Dessert cakes

camel milk

My first Camel milk

Burj Al arab goodies

Burj Al arab goodies

  Skyview menu

menu burj al arab


Have you’ve been to Burj Al Arab? Please feel free to share your thoughts! xoxo


      • They translate as: HOMEPAGE (website homepage) from making Jams!!
        it should be
        مربيات صناعة محلية – منزلية
        is it possible no one saw that?! maybe the prices there is shocking ;P

        • Myla Laurel says

          Good spot Khaled! I think you should email them so they can give you free visit at the bar maybe 😀 The prices are insane although it’s enough for me to visit once. haha I can’t afford it

  1. It must have been an awesome experience for you.

    Well there is more to eating out in Dubai, as it is a popular past time namely because there are so many delicious options with five star surroundings.

  2. Shirley Smith says

    Great review….lovely photos well worth a once in a lifetime visit.

    • Myla Laurel says

      Thanks Shirley! I know, it was really a memorable day for me. 😀

  3. So it was 560 AED then! Time flies and cost becomes steeper; nonetheless, I think it’s worth it for a once-upon-a-time treat! 😊

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