Author: Myla Laurel


Succulents oh my succulents

I’ve been obsessed with succulents recently. Not only they sound lovely to the ears (I love saying it – SUCCULENTS) but they also look really pretty and they make me happy. So one day I dragged Ricky and off to Dubai Garden Centre. It’s our first time to visit. The place is massive. It has an outdoor and indoor area with loads of different plant species. And a lovely cafe inside that gave me nostalgia as if I was back in Europe. So pretty! 🌵🌿 #cacti #succulents #desertplants #greenlife @dubaigardencentre #iwanttobeagardener #vscocam #posttheaesthetics A photo posted by Myla (@findmeabreak) on Aug 27, 2016 at 9:51am PDT   I got one of each different cacti which costs 25 dirhams each. I also bought one bag of mixed soil that costs 20 dirhams and extra pots. The good thing about succulents – since they are naturally desert plants they require less maintenance which is perfect for apartments. They are watered only once a week. But they also need to have a good amount of sunshine now and again. I’ve put them close to the window so brightness …

Nadi Al Quoz

Nadi Al Quoz | Creative Space

  Are you looking for a new space for creative inspiration? Then I think you should check out the new cultural pop-up in Nadi Al Quoz where you can do work, meetings, meet-ups or just chill-out with healthy food and refreshements from Wild & the Moon. This is one of the reasons why I love Dubai so much. We’ve popped in last week and I was really impressed with the concept. The lovely wood features gives you homely and relaxing atmosphere. The space is located at the Warehouse 90 within Al Serkal Avenue. It’s open seven days a week (10am-7pm). They’re hosting a community programme such as yoga, flower arrangement etc. The Nadi Al Quoz will not be forever. Catch it before 29th October!       Visit #spaceporn #NadiAlQuoz #creativespace open until October #posttheaesthetic #vscocam #findmeabreak @alserkalavenue A photo posted by Myla (@findmeabreak) on Aug 5, 2016 at 5:19am PDT Stiff neck #vscocam #postheaesthetics #nadialquoz 📸 @hannahmagsayo @alserkalavenue #killeverygram #thatsdarling #primark #msstansmith #ootd A photo posted by Myla (@findmeabreak) on Aug 6, 2016 at 1:25am PDT

The Bench Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Hunt in Downtown Dubai

Picture any Friday in Dubai and you will find Myla and Ricky sitting in a restaurant sampling yet another breakfast nook. The Friday breakfast has become our tradition so what a wonderful surprise when I was invited by my blogger friends to go on a breakfast hunt. A one day breakfast trek around Downtown Dubai.  This was the only thing that could get me up on a 630 on a Friday morning! Having forced ourselves out of bed we arrived with a big smile greeting our friends (Lady, Doc Gelo, Kriska and Joy) at La Serre restaurant which is our first stop. Thanks for the amazing time @iamjhoysi @ladyandhersweetescapes @iamdocgelo @kriskamarie @ed_abit We will be sharing our journey to finding the best breakfast nook in Dubai soon. So far @laserredubai eggs benedict is to die for. Stay tuned 😊 #downtown #vscocam #laserre #french #igersuae #brekkyiscoming #huntgramarabia A photo posted by Myla (@findmeabreak) on Jul 29, 2016 at 6:10am PDT   This was somewhere we were looking at for a long time so I was delighted to visit …

Zafran Indian Bistro pic 2

New Zafran Indian Bistro in Mirdif City Centre

  A good few years ago while we were staying in Mirdif – we’ve visited a certain Indian restaurant that we talk fondly about. Unfortunately we haven’t got to visit it again, that place was called Zafran. I’ve just found out the very same place was to re-open with a new bistro concept adding a modern touch with a more affordable menu. This was an exciting news for us as we really love the old place and was really excited with the revamp. Last week, we had the privilege to try the new menu and had a memorable tour of the new restaurant and what an experience it was. When we arrived we were amazed at the very casual inspired design in the front and a comfortable discreet lounge at the back. I can’t state enough how much I love the new design. The colours they use are so cool and different from the other Indian restaurant I’ve been to before.  The menu was really fresh with some cool concepts. We decided to go for the chefs recommendations. As …


Sri Lanka, why so beautiful?

Known as the teardrop-shaped island, Sri Lanka has been one of the frequent holiday destination for Dubai expats. Why? Because of its quick access for only 4-hour flight you will be transported in to a beautiful tropical country. If you’re a Filipino reading this, the great news is you can get your visa upon arrival and online. We booked our ticket for 600 dirhams each for a return flight from FlyDubai. Visa is around 100 dirhams    What we think of Sri Lanka very clean friendly people safe tuktuks everywhere many ways similar to Philippines were so amazed by the religious culture like Buddhism beautiful beaches amazing waves beware of tourist traps like tuktuk dirvers took us to bars and resturants which is very expensive and they admitted that they get commision when taking us there don’t ride elephants go to the wildlife park instead thats where you see them in their natural habitat monsoon season, so not very many tourists but were lucky to not have too much rains food was okay – we end up in tourist traps similar price to Dubai! …