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Tourist Visa to Residence Visa in Dubai


Updated as of 12 July 2015

It’s been a roller coaster ride since I moved to Dubai. I had change my residence visa for the third time now. I did all of it as A to A, a term Dubaians used which means “Airport to Airport”. Thinking about the process of doing it is so easy so I am sharing it to you. Btw I have written a post from my experience of flying in Dubai which you can read here.

Most of the Filipinos who arrive in Dubai for the first time are under Tourist visas (as required for most nationalities). It entitles one for a one-month stay plus one month extention if they are willing to extend their stay.  (Updated July 2015) A new law was imposed for visas in the UAE where you can choose one month or three months. However if you are willing to extend your stay you need to exit from Dubai so it means having to go to Oman for change status of your visa. You are required to exit the UAE or pay a fine if you have overstayed.

In my case as soon as I had my offer letter and got ready for a change of visa, my employer booked me a flight to Oman. I have my employment visa on hand with me. It took 45 minutes to and another 45 minutes back. The process is called “Exit” cos you need to have your passport stamped “Exit” at the Dubai airport then return “Entry” when you get back to UAE. This is a very important process so you can process later on your residence visa.

I was back in Dubai with a stamped passport and visa. The next step is to let your employer process your residence visa. They will have to collect your passport and employment visa to send it to a typing center then you need to perform your medical test. Most medical centers will send the results directly to the typing center. After that you’ll just have to wait. I received my stamped residence visa just after 2 weeks. Very impressive! And that’s it. Easy breezy. Good luck and see you in Dubai!




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