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Things to do in Puerto Princesa | Palawan


You might have heard about the new 7 Wonders Of Nature. Puerto Princesa, Palawan is one of them and I am about to share with you the highlights of my visit last September. 

Of course I would never pass the chance of visiting Puerto Princesa (main city of Palawan) glad that my parents are actually living there makes it more special and handy too. Especially having a dad that has good contacts that helped us save throughout the duration of our trip.

If you are a first timer you might want to consider doing a city tour. There are loads of things to do in Puerto Princesa to list a few are:

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Crocodile Farm Tour

From the left, my sister, mum, dad, me and Ricky!

Palawan Wildlife Rescue is located south of the Puerto Princesa city center. It serves as the sanctuary of the endangered Philippine Crocodiles and takes care of other animals such as ostriches and bearcat .

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Sea water crocodile

This is the skeleton and the skin of a huge sea water crocodile that was caught after it devoured a child. The crocodile is approximately 60 years old and measured about 17 feet long. Amazing how big salt water crocodiles can grow!

Crocodile Sanctuary Palawan

Crocodile Sanctuary in Palawan

They also provides a Hatchling House where varying ages and sizes of crocodiles are being looked after. We were told not to reach or touch the basins.

crocodile pens

Hatchling House

City tour Palawan

a face being swallowed by a Croc

They provide viewing of other animals too such as ostriches, cages for Philippine cockatoos and bearcats.  

Palawan Bearcat

Palawan Bearcat

Bakers Hill

Bakers Hill is a perfect place for sight seeing and to buy pasalubong. The bakeshop is famous for their hopia, crinkles, cupcakes, cashew nuts and other home-made delicacies.

Bakers Hill Hopia

Ube Crinkles

Brilliantly made statues of Disney character films you can see everywhere. The place is just perfect for families and tourists.

Amazing Statue in Bakers Hill

Shrek is massively huggable

Bakers Hill Garden

My sister Mona

Tour with Family and Friends Palwan

I love this picture

Binuatan Creations – Handloom woven products

Palawan indigenous fibers

Workers are all so busy

After we have explored the beauty of Baker’s Hill we stopped by at a place called Binuatan CreationsThey specialise in handloom woven products using indigenous fibers such as coconut, pineapple and pandan etc.

Majority of the workers are students doing part time jobs to gain extra money. The lady was very nice asking me if I would like to try. It was a fun experience when I was able to try weaving for the first time. The process looks very easy while watching them.

Binuatan Creations woven products

Can’t hide my excitement

handloom weaving Puerto Princesa

feeling like a pro

They have a souvenir shop next door where finished products are displayed. They sell various products like bags, purses, key chains, slippers, place mats, etc.

Products from Palawan

Souvenir buying

Feeling like a proper tourist. It’s always nice to bring something home from your holiday right?

Buying Souvenirs Palawan

Share your thoughts for some who discovered new attractions in the city! 🙂 x


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