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My First Boracay Island Experience | Philippines

Airplane to Boracay

This is the part where the awaited holiday experience starts.

We arrived in Kalibo Airport on the 3rd of September boarded in a Cebu Pacific Airlines.

I have booked all our flights with Cebu Pacific because of its cheaper Promo Sales.

I have done it months before our holiday and have been impressed with the service. Well there are  some cases where it’s a bit delayed but it’s not that bad.

Touchdown Boracay

Touchdown Boracay

There are two airports that you can choose from in going to Boracay Island:

Caticlan Airport

  • only small aircraft can land at this airport
  • the closest airport to Boracay
  • has limited schedule of flights
  • passengers are given a limited luggage allowance of 10kgs
  • more costly airfare than Kalibo
  • From Caticlan airport you can either take a tricycle or just walk (10 minutes) to Caticlan Jetty Port.

Kalibo Airport

  • is the main airport that connects international flights
  • the runway is able to land larger aircraft
  • It is about 2 hours ride to Caticlan Jetty Port
  • 5-15 minutes ride until you step foot on the finest sand of Boracay

Once we picked up our luggages we were able to quickly purchase a transport package from Southwest Travels outside the airport terminal.  For just 1,800 each pesos we will be transported to Caticlan Jetty port through a van that also includes fee for jetty and Terminal. Best thing of choosing this package is that you’ll have a worry-free travel since they will drop you off and on directly infront of the hotel you’re staying.

Lesson learned never bring heavy baggage in going to Boracay. Both of us brought around 19 kgs each so it really is a pain in the arse.

We are so glad for the helpful porters who are very muscle-ly enough to carry our luggage from the boat to the surface. (make sure to prepare a couple of change to give “tips” to the porters)

Boracay Sunset

Boracay Sunset

The sky is so clear and the sun was so inviting as we step foot to the Island. I haven’t expected that Boracay will greet us perfectly. Days before the trip I was constantly checking the weather forecast worried about the predicted thunderstorms and rainshowers but boy I am lucky to brought some sunshine from Dubai!

Sunbathing in Boracay

Sunbathing in Boracay
Beachfront Boracay

Beachfront Boracay


    • Yeah I know it is quite costly but since it’s our first time I’d rather go for the convenience avoiding the queues and all. Although you can get cheaper ones as what I have read on some blogs 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  1. Great post! I thought Boracay was about the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. One other thing about Caticlan airport…as flights are almost always delayed from Manila, and since flights are not permitted to land there after dark…if you have a flight after lunch, there’s a very real chance you’ll fly late and be diverted to Kalibo…with no reduction in air fare. Can’t wait to get back there!

  2. Vince says

    Nice! seems you enjoy your travel! nice Photos! But i think you get a little pricey with the packages at Southwest, I only pay Php650.00 each, from Southwest too. Anyway i also enjoy my vacation in Boracay. I will always love the amazing sunset 🙂 And add a relaxing and peaceful place to stay, find The Orient Beach Boracay, very cozy and had a great ambiance, you can find great deals in many sites. it really make me so excited again! Cant wait to see you again Boracay!

    • Myla Laurel says

      Hello Vince! Yes I knew it was a bit pricey but I don’t want to risk any problems while travelling. It’s our first time also so worth taking it!

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