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List of Filipino Bloggers in Dubai

Filipino Bloggers in Dubai

Nothing beats waking up in the morning then all you see first thing is a message from a reader that says: “Your blog inspire me everyday and wanted to retrace your adventures in Dubai… you’re doing a great job!” That moment… it’s priceless. I never thought that my little hobby would inspire some people and for this alone, all time spent are all worth it.

For three years living in the emirate, I have met a couple of lovely Filipino bloggers. From Travel, Food, and Fashion they share one important characteristic – passion! They are so passionate and it’s contagious and it really contributed a lot to why I get motivated.

Since one of my top searches comes from Philippines. I decided to list down the best Travel, Food, Fashion bloggers in Dubai for all of you wanting to get more inspiration from a fellow Filipino point of view.


Food and Travel Bloggers

Lady and Her Sweet Escapes

Doc Gelo

Kenneth Surat

My Yellow Bells

Boy Dubai

Solo Flight Ed

AB and Me


Fahion Bloggers

The Thrift Trip



The Style Choreo

Boho Wanders


Bloggers in Dubai



  1. Nice to know a bunch of filipino bloggers in uae. Learned about you & 2 others at doc gelo’s ig post.
    Question: how do you say that a person is a blogger? I blog although not frequently & not like your blogs. You’ve got beautiful & inspiring blogs.
    Keep the blogposts coming.

  2. Hi, I came across your blog when i was looking for fellow Filipino bloggers in the Middle East.I know Lady and talked to her online. Wish to know more bloggers =) btw, I’m Joanna, from Oman.

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