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How to apply Schengen visa from Dubai

Schengen visa Dubai

So basically Schengen visa is different from UK visa. You can’t enter United Kingdom if your visa is Schengen or vice versa. Although they both belong to the same European Union but they’re completely separated in terms of visas.

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Two days ago I received an email and a text message – my passport has been dispatched and will be shipped back to me. And then yesterday morning the courier came. It was the most stressful 5 minutes of my life. I am most of the time pessimist about something because I don’t want to put my hopes too high and then fail.  The nerve-racking part is when I was scanning the pages of my passport to find the visa while at the same time my colleague, Kelly, Shaye and Cheryl are looking at me nervously! I was like why can’t they just send me an email or a paper that says you’re approved or not? Honestly, it’s such a torture. But either way I’m glad to receive my passport back with a Schengen visa on it. 🙂

The process

  • Book an appointment. I advise you to book your appointment first because it will take 2 weeks for the next available dates which will give you enough time to prepare your documents.
  • Select the country. There are loads of countries in Europe right? So apply the country which is you will be mostly staying. In my case, I applied for Netherlands because it was my first point of entry and will be staying more than Italy.
  • CLICK TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT Select the country you are visiting then the country of your residence then another window will appear. You’ll have to select Schedule and appointment then just follow the process. It will lead you to a page where you will ask to pay 103 dirhams. This is mandatory. Make sure you print the receipt.

The requirements

Schengen Visa Application form
Original Passport
Passport copy
Residence Visa Copy
Emirates ID
Original Salary Certificate and No Objection Certificate
Statement of Account as proof of income – 6 months
Confirmed flight tickets
Confirmed accommodations booking – need to match with the flight dates they are very particular with that
Travel Insurance – I got mine from DNATA

The appointment day

  • Arrive 15 minutes early. Go to the reception and they will check if your name is listed. You will have the option for premium or standard. For premium you will get a speedy processing result but need to pay extra.
  • They will give you a ticket number. I arrive early so it was quiet. I gave all my documents and the staff checked each.
  • They will ask if you wanted your passport delivered or picked-up. I chose to be delivered.
  • I paid 280 dirhams in total
  • Then the last part is the Biometrics scan.

A total of 6 business days for my visa to arrive. It was really efficient and smooth. From my UK application to now I have been very impressed with VFS Global service. The staff are so professional and friendly! Bring on October!


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