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How to own a pet in Dubai

With such a big expat population there are a lot of people who own pets in Dubai. However it can be hard to find much information online about keeping a dog or other animals here.

As a dog owner myself, hopefully some of the experiences I share in this post will help clear things up for you! 🙂

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s better to adopt a rescue pet. There are so many rescued animals here who deserve a wonderful new life and the chance to live in a loving home.

Whether it’s a cat or a dog. There are plenty of shelters in Dubai to choose from. We got our 8 year old pug Dobbie at K9 Friends which you can read here for adoption info. You can also check 38Smiles for cats that needs to be rehomed.

Join us tomorrow night for quiz night in aid of 38smiles!

Other pet services you find in Dubai:

Dubai Pet Food

This very convenient, easy to use service is something we always use. Simply order your pet’s food (and other pet stuff) online and it will be delivered to your doorstep by their pleasant staff free of charge for orders over AED 100.

They have some specialty food that is quite hard to find here and for a very reasonable price.

 Dubai Veterinary Clinic

Dubai Veterinary Clinic

Google maps location

The Municipality Vet Clinic near Mushrif Park in Mirdif is a big help for pet owners living on a budget. We took Dobbie there for his yearly medical records, vaccines and municipality tag– it only cost us around AED 200 which is much cheaper than a private vet.

If you can, I would advise going on a working day during the day when it is quiet. The Staff we encountered were very welcoming and helpful!


Grooming is very important for pets. This service is so convenient – just call them and they will come to you in their fancy big truck! Your furry friend will be groomed in no time.

If you have the Entertainer book you get some 2 for 1 vouchers too.

Pet Taxi

There are various pickup /transport services available which will taxi your pet in times of emergencies or vet delivery.  An example of one service is here

Some accommodating taxi drivers may even agree to take your dog, although I haven’t seen it myself!

Pet Holiday

Dubai is also becoming more pet friendly now. Irish village is one place you can bring your pet while chilling out. It’s a family-friendly place with restaurants and outdoor bars.   They’ll even bring your pooch a bowl of water so you can both get refreshed!

If you are wanting to get away or on a roadtrip with your pet. You can go to Barracuda (Um Al Quwain) where you can relax and stay in their pet friendly chalets.

Gopro View of Barracuda rooms

Do you have any ideas about pets in Dubai? Share your thoughts! xoox 


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