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Dubai Travel

Where to go for a staycation in Ras Al Khaimah

Set amongst the stunning desert surrounding of Ras Al Khaimah, you will find nestled in the scenic coast, the beautiful Cove Rotana. This was to be our first staycation in a long time and a much deserved one and gosh it was all worth it. When the family decided for an out of the town getaway, the Cove was the first …

Edinburgh Europe Inverness Scotland Travel

Things I miss about Scotland

Have you been somewhere so beautiful that it left you with magical memories? I had! Two years ago, for the first time I’ve visited Scotland and it was the most wonderful experience that the photos I’ve taken doesn’t do justice. I was scrolling old files and found some old pictures that gave me the feels. So here are some of my favourite …

Asia Dubai

Succulents oh my succulents

I’ve been obsessed with succulents recently. Not only they sound lovely to the ears (I love saying it – SUCCULENTS) but they also look really pretty and they make me happy. So one day I dragged Ricky and off to Dubai Garden Centre. It’s our first time to visit. The place is massive. It has an …

Nadi Al Quoz
Asia Dubai Travel

Nadi Al Quoz | Creative Space

  Are you looking for a new space for creative inspiration? Then I think you should check out the new cultural pop-up in Nadi Al Quoz where you can do work, meetings, meet-ups or just chill-out with healthy food and refreshements from Wild & the Moon. This is one of the reasons why I love Dubai so much. We’ve popped in last week and I …

The Bench Breakfast Buffet
Asia Dubai Food

Breakfast Hunt in Downtown Dubai

Picture any Friday in Dubai and you will find Myla and Ricky sitting in a restaurant sampling yet another breakfast nook. The Friday breakfast has become our tradition so what a wonderful surprise when I was invited by my blogger friends to go on a breakfast hunt. A one day breakfast trek around Downtown Dubai.  This …

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